Elizabeth Warren presidential campaign death watch

The long knives of the Left are unsheathed for Elizabeth Warren, who is damaging not just her own reputation and political future, but that of the entire Democratic Party, which has embraced the very identity politics she has discredited.

Does Warren believe she can apologize her way to the White House?  On the basis of her public actions, it would appear so, for she still has scheduled a formal announcement of her presidential campaign on Saturday but spent yesterday apologizing.  For her colleagues in the Democratic Party, that is a nightmare.

As readers already know, the Washington Post obtained (from oppo researchers of another Dem running for president, for instance Kamala Harris?) a copy of her 1986 registration card for the Texas Bar in which she appears to have written in her own hand that her "race" is "American Indian."

This came only a couple of days after her latest apology to representatives of the Cherokee Nation, during which even the Warren-friendly Boston Globe noted that "[she] chose not to immediately explain to the public what the apology was for."

The rival Boston Herald, as anti-Warren as the Globe is pro-, editorializes:

The Texas state bar application, in which Warren lists herself as an "American Indian" is hard proof that Elizabeth Warren has infused a false narrative into transactions that have been pivotal to her professional ascendance throughout her adult life.  Her success cannot be uncoupled from her professed identity, which was purported to be true but was not.

She's in deep trouble now because she not only falsely appropriated a minority identity and during a frenzy over the lack of minority hiring at Harvard Law School gained a tenured slot as the school's first Naïve American faculty member, but also recently lied about never using a claim to Native American heritage.  William A. Jacobson notes at Legal Insurrection:



It's pretty clear that when leftist outlets like the Washington Post and NBC News actively release damaging information about Warren, they are trying to get her to drop out.  The journalism division of the Democrats has its ling knives in use.  She is a walking billboard for the phony and arbitrary way in which racist preferences, also known as "identity politics," give unwarranted advantages to people based on immutable characteristics they were born with that have nothing to do with actual merit – and which can be faked for years and years.

Last night on Tucker Carlson's show, the Herald's Howie Carr laid out the process by which Warren tested out her lie (Carr appropriately calls it "grift") about her heritage (video below):

[W]e're starting to find out the outlines of this grift.  Like a small-time criminal starts with shoplifting.  She starts with the cookbook, the plagiarized recipes.  Now she files the application with the Texas bar.  Nobody calls her out on it.  So, she just keeps upping the ante, a year later she puts in that she's an Indian in the law school directory.  And she's suddenly at the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard making major wampum for many moons.  She's done now.  She's announcing her candidacy on Saturday and then to seven states.  She apologized nine times today in that press conversation.  Four minutes, nine times she used the word apology.  She has a better chance of being president of the Cherokee nation than president of the United States.

For my part, I urge Senator Warren to continue her embarrassing quest and keep apologizing for revealing how successful race fraud can be in the gullible quarters of the Ivy League.  The feminist motto, "Nevertheless, she persisted" could be her campaign slogan.



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