Elizabeth Warren once again caught pretending to be a Native American

Howie Carr of the Boston Herald has got it exactly right: "Stick a fork in cold crab omelette – the fake Indian is all done now."

The Washington Post has revealed that Warren, who said in the past that she never used her fake Indian heritage to further her career, used a registration card for the Texas bar in 1986 where she described herself as "American Indian."

This, along with a DNA test showing a minuscule amount of Indian blood, should be enough to sink her candidacy for the Democratic nomination for president before it even starts.

She speak-um with forked tongue one time too many, and now The Washington Post, of all places, has scalped her. The smoke signals went out last night – as early as 1986 she was lying on a Texas bar application that she was "American Indian."

Lieawatha admit-um she talk with forked tongue, only she use white-eye language, calling it "furthering confusion."

No confusion anywhere.  You are an utter fraud.  Fake Indian, you will have many moons to reflect on your serial lies.  Never will you be great white father.

Never live-um in white tee-pee. Heap big fraud since buffalo roam the plain, blue-eyed squaw lie about DNA, to make-um more wampum.

So the Boston Globe story last fall claiming she'd never tried to pass as an honest injun, was as phony as a Kevin Cullen column.  But hey, it's the Globe – right, Mike Barnicle?  Jason Blair?  Patricia X. Smith?  Why do you think the fake Indian went to a fake news rag to print her buffalo excrement?

Elizabeth Warren cannot credibly go to the voters and make a case for "justice" or "fairness" with these allegations.  And justice and fairness are going to be the buzzwords of the Democratic primary race. 

At institutions where affirmative action is a god to be worshiped, she used her "Native American" fake heritage to advance her career. 

Washington Examiner:

"The date coincided with her first listing as a "minority" by the Association of American Law Schools.  Warren reported herself as minority in the directory every year starting in 1986 – when AALS first included a list of minority law professors – to 1995, when her name dropped off the list.  Warren also had her ethnicity changed from white to Native American in December 1989 while working at the University of Pennsylvania.  The change came two years after she was hired there."

In 1995, just a few months after Warren began working at Harvard Law School, she gave the go-ahead for the school to list her ethnicity as Native American.

"Harvard listed Warren as Native American in its federal affirmative action forms from 1995 to 2004," the Post reported.

The euphemisms by Democratic operatives in the media to describe her fraud are amazing:

The registration card is also notable because knowledge of its existence comes after the senator released a stash of documents last summer that she said proved she didn't try to use ethnicity as a means for professional advancement.  Oddly enough, Warren's stash didn't include the registration card, which NBC News host Willie Geist characterized Tuesday as the "definition of cultural appropriation."

Um, no – it's the definition of fraud.  Warren perpetrated a fraud upon institutions she worked for, as well as the American people.  If a direct link could be found to her getting a job, or a promotion as a result of her "minority" status, at the very least, she would be exposed to civil suits from Harvard and any other entity where she was employed.

Warren defends herself by claiming that her family had told her all her life she was part Indian.  So because her grammy told her those high cheekbones she has come from some distant Indian ancestor, we're supposed to excuse her defrauding Harvard and the Texas bar?  Not going to happen.

"I can't go back," she told the Post.  "But I am sorry for furthering confusion on tribal sovereignty and tribal citizenship and harm that resulted."

There are many Democrats who may wish to ignore the fraud – a mindset we've seen dozens of times over the years.  Ted Kennedy was the "Lion of the Senate."  The fact that he was a serial abuser and rapist never quite seemed to matter much.

"Yes, but her heart is in the right place" will be a refrain from what remains of Warren's campaign until the reality of her diminished position hits her and she drops out.