Can Democrat politicians, who can't even complete a single state train project, be trusted to control the climate?

The California high-speed train that was highly touted in 2008 has been canceled, with only a stub section in the flat and rural Central Valley already under construction to be completed, because the price tag has spiked to $77 billion and the completion date was pushed to 2033.  The people throughout the U.S. sent 3.5 billion tax dollars toward this boondoggle, which Governor Newsom says he won't pay back.  They are so entitled. Source: California High Speed Rail Authority.   Shouldn't some enterprising reporter investigate whom all the money was wasted on?  How much money went to politically connected people and companies? Does anyone believe that politicians who can't complete a one-state train project can control the climate and spend the money wisely?  "Let's be real," Newsom said.  "The current project, as planned, would cost too much and, respectfully, take too...(Read Full Post)
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