Brazil to send aid to Venezuela whether its socialist dictator Maduro likes it or not

There's nothing like being assertive to a socialist thug regime starving the citizens it holds hostage. Brazil has declared it's going to be delivering aid to starving Venezuelans whether the country's socialist dictatorship likes it or not. It's a beautiful thing. And a big problem for Maduro. According to a BBC story headlined "Venezuela crisis: Brazil vows to deliver aid, defying Maduro": Brazil says it will send humanitarian aid to its border with Venezuela by the weekend, despite the protests of embattled President Nicolás Maduro. The delivery and distribution of the aid is being organised by Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó, the Brazilian presidential spokesman said. Mr Maduro denies there is a crisis in Venezuela and calls the growing aid operation a US-orchestrated show. Venezuela also closed its sea and air border with Curacao. The Dutch Caribbean island, off...(Read Full Post)
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