Andrew Breitbart versus the Democrats running Virginia

A few weeks before he died on March 1, 2012, Andrew Breitbart, fed up with Occupy D.C. protesters disrupting the CPAC conference at the Wardman Marriott in D.C., emerged from the hotel and confronted the occupiers.  "Behave yourself," he repeated over and over.  "You are freaks and animals.  Stop raping people."  "You filthy, filthy, raping, murdering freaks."

It was an over-the-top shouting match, with Breitbart finally being hauled away to safety by hotel security.

Two years earlier, Breitbart went to war with the NAACP president, who had called the Tea Party "racist."  In a radio interview, he let it be known that the "racist" cudgel was not going to work on the Tea Party.  "You can go to hell," he said.  "I have tapes, a tape of racism, and it's an NAACP dinner.  You want to play with fire, I have evidence of racism and it's coming from the NAACP."

Breitbart always did what conservatives could not do for themselves.  He got in the hypocrites' faces and dared to say what Americans were speaking and writing about in the privacy of their own homes.

While Breitbart's outrage was directed at those in the Occupy camps accused of rape, sexual harassment, and even murder, and the race-baiting liars who, as he once noted, could find a stalk of broccoli racist, he very well could have been describing elected officials in the Democratic Party.

In less than a week, Virginia's three top Democrats were hit with charges of supporting infanticide, sex crimes, and racism.  From Del. Kathy Tran's admission that her bill covers baby-killing to Gov. Ralph Northam's fondness for infanticide and black shoe polish to Lt. Gov Fairfax's alleged sex crime to A.G. Mark Herring's own blackface admission, Breitbart's label of "murdering, raping freaks" is dead on.

The political freak show in Virginia would be a real treat if the three abortion-loving degenerates ended up on the ash heap.  But no one knows what will happen next.

Will Republican speaker of the House of Delegates Kirk Cox become governor?

Will Northam resign now that A.G. Herring has come forward in solidarity with his own blackface incident?  In an article on blackface in America, USA Today's headline reads, "Ralph Northam was far from alone."  Strange how Northam volunteering a little too much information about Virginia's third-trimester abortion bill — specifically, that born babies could also be killed if the mother and physician both agreed, was quickly replaced by the scandalous history of blackface.

Will Fairfax resign?  Or will his accuser fade into oblivion like Democratic Minnesota A.G. Keith Ellison's victims?

Will a GoFundMe account or hush money be enough to quiet Fairfax's alleged victim, shut down media coverage, and catapult Fairfax to a run for governor in 2021?  The complicit media and their Democrats will gladly hush up and #notbelieveher if the perpetrator has a "D" after his name.

Virginia congressman Bobby Scott (D-3rd) and the Washington Post acknowledged that Vanessa Tyson, Fairfax's accuser, contacted them before the 2017 election.  They chose not to air the lt. governor's dirty laundry until after voters cast their ballots in November 2018.

When Nancy Pelosi and her Democratic posse were questioned last week about Gov. Northam's infanticide remarks, each one denied knowing anything about the viral radio interview.

Yesterday, head race-baiter in charge of racism Al Sharpton, speaking to students at Virginia Union University in Richmond, said the two white guys, Northam and Herring, should resign for wearing blackface decades ago, while the black alleged sex criminal, Justin Fairfax, should be given the benefit of the doubt.

We've seen this movie so many times before that we know every line.  William Jefferson Clinton was credibly accused of rape and sexual assault by many women, and the media turned him into a hero.  Ted Kennedy fooled around and killed a woman and was hailed as a liberal "lion" of the Senate.  Sitting Senator Tom Carper (D-Del.) admitted to giving his ex-wife a black eye in the past.  Minnesota A.G. Keith Ellison was accused by a former female partner of domestic abuse before his recent victory, and in 2006, a Democratic activist said Ellison was physically abusive toward her as well.  Ellison, a friend of Lt. Gov Justin Fairfax (see video), will most likely advise Fairfax on how to shut his accuser up.  With friends like Ellison, how surprising is it that an irate Fairfax, anticipating the #MeToo mob descending on him, told members of his staff at a secret meeting, "F--- the b----"?

Breitbart would have had a field day with the Democrats Northam, Fairfax, and Herring, making a disaster of a state that gave us four of the first five presidents.  The specter of Breitbart can almost be heard in the Old Dominion, screaming, "Behave yourself, you baby-killing, raping freaks."

Image: Mark Taylor via Flickr.