And speaking of 'rigging' - Elizabeth Warren launches her presidential campaign

Well, there she goes.

Fresh off her string of apologies for passing herself off as an American Indian to get herself leg up for ivy league professorships, Elizabeth Warren would like you to know she's against 'rigging' and wants your well-harvested vote for president. 

Here's the Independent of London's report:

Elizabeth Warren has officially launched her 2020 bid for the White House with a speech in her home state of Massachusetts that focused on fighting what she called a “rigged system”.

The Democrat, a former law professor, delivered a sharp call for change, decrying a “middle-class squeeze” that has left Americans crunched with “too little accountability for the rich, too little opportunity for everyone else.”

Here's the USA Today report:

"This is the fight of our lives. The fight to build an America where dreams are possible, an America that works for everyone," Warren said. "And that is why I stand here today: to declare that I am a candidate for President of the United States of America."


She touted her support for progressive politics, including increasing the minimum wage and Medicare for All. She propped up embracing diversity and the immigrants who helped build the nation, all with a backdrop of Everett Mills, the site of a workers strike 100 years ago led by women and immigrants that boosted workers rights. 

She told the story of the strikes, using it as an example that even those without power can work together to shape policy and change America. 

Ralff. Offering us the 'opportunity' to pay extortionate union dues to finance Democratic campaigns and then getting to go on strike is kind of ... unattractive.

But speaking of rigging.

Warren is the wizard of rigging, given that she's a very rich woman with a declared fortune as high as $11 million she doesn't like to talk about, culled from her near-no-show job at Harvard, her politician book deals, her cut of the cash in class-action lawsuits -- a pretty penny, and her investments while in office. She plays the swamp games, outlined by Peter Schweizer in his "Throw Them All Out" very well.

But more to the point, and on a level that most people can understand, she tried to pass herself off as 'Indian' in a bid to get fancy jobs. She recognized that universities such as Penn and Harvard were desperate to diversify their hirings racially, and jumped right in to help herself to call herself Indian and get hired over real Indians as well others in her quest for the wealth and spoils. She even called herself American Indian in her own handwriting on her Texas state bar card, something she ought to be disbarred for, given that it's a false statement. Her apologies and explanations that this was what she understood from family lore are just a little disingenuous. Rigging is the only word for this and Warren knows how to rig. 

Takes one to know one, right Liz?

Warren came out with a stemwinder speech of a left-populist bent, telling Americans they should vote for her for president because she's going to be the one to get rid of all the rigging out there.

Law blogger Ann Althouse, whose views I respect, did think it was a strong speech, because she could see the outlines of Warren's borrowings from the tactics of President Trump in it. She even had winning signs in her crowd, "Win With Warren" which certainly is a borrowing from Trump. So, yes, maybe she will be a strong competitor with Trump. She does seem to out-substance the other Democrats in the candidate clown car, given their lockstep leftwingery, with each of them trying to out-left the other. She does speak with passion and conviction, and she seems ... nice.

But I think it's a hollow imitation, given Warren's own history of rigging. Warren is the master rigger of riggers and for her to claim she's on our side is ridiculous.


Image from CBS News on YouTube


Just her yelling about PAC money tells us that. She says she won't take it, but that's ridiculous, given that PACs tend to do their own ads independently even if they come off as completely partisan for a candidate. That isn't going to work. Her claim that she will refuse corporate fatcat money is another example of trying to make a virtue out of a deficit. Starbucks's former CEO. Howard Schultz, recently noted that Warren came crawling to him for campaign money and he told her 'no.' The only thing one can conclude from this virtue-signaling about not being tainted by corporate campaign money is that Warren is not successful at raising such money. Rigging, rigging, rigging, serving us slop and telling us it's gourmet food.

Her entire platform is like this - and largely tied to the tired Obamunist policies of the past. She complains about college costs being high just as President Obama did - but ignores that those costs rose in the wake of Obama's takeover of the student loan industry, which gave colleges an incentive to raise rates. It's rigging all right, and all the work of leftists. She calls falling black home ownership a problem but doesn't mention the lefty zoning regulations that make new housing construction, let alone affordable housing construction, impossible, which is what we see in California. More rigging - by leftists. 

Voters aren't going to be fooled by the hypocrisy. Her imitation of Trump is a hollow one, speaking with forked tongue, and it's not surprising a lot of her supporters walked out on her before she finished making her speech. The press was happy to tout that she got endorsements - but didn't mention that they were all very local endorsements from entrenched Massachusetts machine pols. Now she's yelling about rigging. No wonder a lot of us think this whole thing is going to end badly for her. 


Image credit: YouTube screen grab from CBS News report.

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