A couple of harsh facts, a map, and some bad news

The Western world is going extinct because, on the most basic level, we're not having enough kids.

Few talk about the impact of demographics with as much clarity and force as Mark Steyn, who addresses birthrate trends that are utterly devastating (herehere, and here).

Westerners aren't having enough children to sustain the population, much less grow it, while at the same time the population of Africa is exploding.  This is not about race; it is about the civilizational values that predominate in different parts of the world.

Here's a comparison that drives the point home: in 1950, the population of Europe was twice that of Africa.  Fifty years later, at the beginning of this century, Africa's population had doubled.  It caught up with Europe because during that same time, Europe's population remained level.

But that was just the beginning.

By the end of this century, Africa's population will quadruple, exceeding four billion people, accounting for two thirds of the world's population.  Meanwhile, birthrates elsewhere around the world will essentially remain flat (herehere, and here).

So the poorest continent will become the dominant global population.  The implications are dire and are already having ripple effects, particularly in Europe.  We live in an age of cheap travel and mass "migration."

You can see the trend starting on the map below, which shows 2014 birth rates (here).

Some things really do come down to numbers.  If Western civilization is to survive, families need to have more children.  Without doing so, we don't have a prayer.

Or perhaps that's all we'll have.