Why was a Muslim doctor who vowed to poison Jewish patients working at the famed Cleveland Clinic?

Is there any profession that merits the esteem that doctors have?  I don't think so.

What doctors do not only requires significant brains, but requires professionalism, because patient trust is so critical.  Without that trust, how would a doctor be able to get a patient to take his or her clothes off, bend over for an exam, or accept a medical treatment with bad side effects?  Trust is what makes the whole profession work.

This is why this story out of Cleveland is so chilling.

Medical resident at Cleveland Clinic Lara Kollab, who published antisemitic statements on Twitter regarding her Jewish patients at the hospital, was dismissed from the hospital, the Cleveland Clinic reported on Monday. 

Both Canary Mission and StopAntisemitism.org called attention to Kollab's tweet from 2012, in which she wrote "ill purposely give all the yahood the wrong meds..."

Here's a screenshot of her vile tweet (Hat tip: GatewayPundit):

Did I read that right?  A doctor who threatened to give her patients the wrong medicine, on the grounds that they were Jewish?  ("Yahood" is a word that means Jewish.)  That's an actual hate crime.

What was she doing working at the Cleveland Clinic?  She shouldn't have even been allowed to scrub toilets there.  This person is really a doctor?

This suggests something awful going on.  It's not just that the prestigious Cleveland Clinic should have vetted her before they hired her, or gotten some competent vetters who understand that a doctor who threatens to kill is not a doctor a patient will trust.  It's also sign of decline in the medical profession.  How on Earth did this person get a medical license, and why hasn't it been pulled?  Did no one check her ethics?  She has a long history of vile anti-Semitic tweets, loaded with homicidal ravings and musings, which are there for all to see on Twitter.  This wasn't someone who just whispered her anti-Semitism, she broadcast it.  This person shouldn't just be fired; she should be de-licensed, and maybe jailed for such vile threats, which not only bring great dishonor to the medical profession, but erode the trust that patients must have in doctors.

After reading a story like this, Jewish patients (and Cleveland has 80,000 Jewish residents) will now have to start wondering if they've got another one like her, and that will extend to other patients, too. 

It's sad and shocking, because doctors are such amazing people.  They not only cure the sick – sometimes, the very, very sick, through medical miracles performed daily – but they also are fanatical about their devotion to the Hippocratic Oath, which begins with "first, do no harm."  They care for all people, even unworthy people, from injured bank-robbers to people who sponge off the system, putting the saving of human life above all other considerations.  What's more, the heroism of doctors and other medical professionals was there for all to see during the Paradise fires, where we got stories such as this (Google, take note), with doctors racing through flames on all sides of them to save lives.  Doctors are absolutely amazing people, showing every day that their work is a calling, not a job. 

So it's important to get answers on this, because Democrats are angling hard to have the government take over medical care, and with their "Medicare for All" plans, it's a certainty that patients will no longer be allowed to choose their doctors.  If you were Jewish, how'd you like to get assigned someone like that?  You don't even have to be Jewish to start to worry about this one.  This person threatened to poison medical patients because they are Jewish.  What she did was poison medicine.