When media are quiet about financial news, you know the economy's strong

Throughout December, we heard continuing reports of the disaster of Trump's policies and where the media and Democrats are trying to talk the country into a recession.  As the stock market goes up, we are told that all the benefits go to the rich, but as it goes down, it somehow hurts everyone.  I would think the Democrats would cheer as the market goes down because the wealth gap shrinks, and that is one of their main goals: to reduce the wealth of those at the top.

We were told the market was going down because of Trump's trade policies, because he was chewing out the Fed for raising rates too rapidly, and because of the government shutdown.

I am having trouble finding where the media and other Democrats are giving Trump credit for the market rising around 10% since December 24.  Why has the market reversed itself for now?

Here are a few hints: sales during the Christmas season were up over 5%, over 300,000 jobs were created in December, and job gains were revised upward in both October and November.  Wages went up 3.2% year over year, the fastest growth in a long time, and gains are especially being helped on the lower end of the scale.  There continue to be more job openings than job-seekers.

It is obvious that a strong economy does not fit the Democrat agenda, so it is downplayed.

The Dow Closed at 21,792 on December 24.  On January 8, it closed at 23,788, up 9%

The S&P 500 closed at 2,351 on December 24.  On January 8, it closed at 2,574, up 9%.

The Russell 2000 closed at 1,267 on December 24.  On January 8, it closed at 1,425, up 13%.

The NASDAQ Composite closed at 6,193.  On January 8, it closed at 6,897, up 11%.

If the market had continually declined, the media would have been shouting how it was Trump's fault and that it was because of the government shutdown.  As it is up a lot in two weeks, the media are quiet.

Almost every policy Democrats support involves increasing the power of the government and reducing the power and purse of the people – except that Democrats don't want to control the border, abide by immigration laws that Congress passed, or make sure have photo IDs to vote.

The more people Democrats can make dependent on government, the better.  It is terrible for the people, but Democrats quest for power, not the good of the country.  And the media will downplay any story, including a strong economy, that might make Trump look good and Democrats look bad.