What was Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez doing, making a third Democratic response to Trump's wall speech?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is making herself an even bigger headache to her fellow Democrats, giving a wild third response to President Trump's speech, which pretty well eclipses the Democrats' carefully crafted messaging. This shows just what a mess the Democrats are these days, and how she's happy to be their problem. The Trump speech started as a duel between Trump, who spoke out about a border wall last night, and not one, but two Democratic responders.  That had a precedent in how a State of the Union address response goes to the other party, but the Democrats couldn't even agree on a single responder.  They had a pair of them, hoping to hog more camera time, perhaps, but it came at a cost of a unified message.  Nancy Pelosi, who leads the House, was a logical response agent, but Democrats went and put New York Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer up there as...(Read Full Post)
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