Trump has a grand old time Twitter-trolling Elizabeth Warren...with her own campaign material

You can just picture it: President Trump, bored, twiddling his thumbs, waiting for Democrats to return from their Puerto Rican resort junket with K Street lobbyists to re-open the government, saw a tweet from Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who's determined to be his campaign rival in 2020, piously casting blame on him for the government shutdown.  Here's a typical tweet:

The bored president returned tweet-fire – and got her good:

How's she gonna respond to that?  It wasn't some mocking Photoshop of her in an Indian war bonnet that he might have done – he was using her own campaign material!

She looks ridiculous, and contrived, in her ad showing herself drinking a beer.  Even her huggy-poo thing with her husband looked contrived, as Trump acidly noted.

One of the cardinal things any political consultant tells a candidate for office is that when the other side is using your actual campaign material as opposition fire – you've blown it.

You'd think a Massachusetts Democrat, such as Warren, would know that.  Her fellow (D-Mass.) candidate, George Dukakis, certainly knows about it.  Republicans had a grand old time using campaign ads of Dukakis in a helmet riding a tank as an argument to elect the Republican.  John Kerry, too: Don't forget how Republicans used Kerry's campaign material of him out windsurfing and visiting some high-tech place in a bunny suit as their argument to vote for the other guy.  Warren seems to be a slow learner.

She lost this one, and not only lost, all beery-eyed, but came out looking stupid.

Can't get better than that.

Image credit: Twitter screen grab.