Trump administration sets record for lowest number of regulations

An undeniable success of the Trump administration has been a radical altering of the mindset of federal agencies when it comes to creating new regulations.  Trump's executive order at the beginning of his term that stated for every one regulation created, two must be repealed has worked like a charm.

The Competitive Enterprise Institute issued its year-end report, which says that over the last two years, the fewest regulations in history have been created.

Washington Examiner:

"At year-end 2018, how is President Donald Trump's regulatory reform project going?  Better than Obama, Bush II, and Clinton in terms of fewer regulations; but not as good as Trump's own first year," said the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

CEI regulations guru Clyde Wayne Crews Jr. said in a year-end report provided in advance to Secrets that Trump ended the year with 3,367 new regulations.  That is the lowest since records were first kept in the 1970s.

But Crews noted that Trump's number of new regulations is lower.  The reason: the government requires a "regulation" to kill a regulation, and Trump is continuing on his promise to kill two regulations for every new one he proposes.

"Obama's own lowest count was 3,410, not much more than Trump's new score.  But fewer of Obama's rules would be expected to have been devoted to rollbacks of prior initiatives, the emphasis of Trump's 'one-in, two-out' executive order," said Crews, CEI's vice president for policy.

"The Federal Register closed out 2018 with 3,367 final rules in all.  The only lower count was 3,281 under Trump a year ago, which was the lowest count since records began being kept in the mid-1970s," he added.

Federal Register pages are also way down, winning praise from corporate America and consumers.

Under Trump the daily list of pages totaled 61,308 in 2017 and 68,082 this year.

More good news: Under Trump, the ratio of laws passed by Congress to regulations created is way down.

In what Crews has dubbed the "Unconstitutionality Index," Trump has has [sic] also slashed the percentage of new rules to new laws passed by Congress and signed by Trump, he wrote in a second report issued Monday.

Trump's 2018 index was 12: 3,367 new rules compared to 291 new laws.

The Index reached 29 under Obama.

What do you suppose would happen if we have six more years of regulatory rollbacks?  The government would still be oppressive, but a lot less so.  At the very least, the perception of government getting off the backs of business would keep the confidence level high among most industries.