The Potomac two-step: Will no one stand up to the corruption in the FBI, DOJ, and CIA?

For nearly ten years now, Americans who have been paying attention have known that our government has become corrupt, that its premier institutions were weaponized by the Obama administration to the point that we have become something of a police state or banana republic.  This is not to say there was no corruption previous to Obama.  As Sidney Powell addresses in her book License to Lie, the current special counsel, Robert Mueller, and his amoral, ruthless right-hand man, Andrew Weismann, had already been practicing their prosecutions of personal destruction for decades.  In the 1980s when head of the FBI in Boston , Mueller allowed four men to remain in prison whom he knew were innocent.  He did it to protect a confidential informant.  Two of them died in prison.  The lawsuits filed cost taxpayers $100M.

There was the total destruction of Enron, and then came the obliteration of Enron's accounting firm, Arthur Andersen.  Those prosecutions were run much as Mueller and Weismann are running their current job assignment.  Mueller successfully ruined both companies, costing thousands of people their jobs and sending nonviolent people to prison, sometimes to solitary confinement like what he did with Paul Manafort.  Fortunately, but too little, too late, nearly all of the guilty verdicts they managed to elicit from juries were overturned by the Supreme Court in both cases.

Why were these two men not disbarred?  How this malicious and vindictive man continued to rise to be a U.S. attorney in Massachusetts and California before becoming head of the FBI is a still unexplained mystery.  The old adage about what rises to the top appears to be true too often.  Obama definitely used the FBI, DOJ, and CIA for his own ends without regard for the Constitution, rights to privacy, and basic decency.  People like Mueller have been around for years and years, poisoning the agencies they are charged with running lawfully.  Mueller is just one of the worst, but he has plenty of company: Patrick FitzgeraldEric Schneiderman, Eliot Spitzer, and Eric Holder come to mind.  Each of them perpetrated crimes against the DOJ and the American people as surely as Comey and McCabe have against the FBI, by using the power of the government for their own despicable ends. 

Mueller was not hired to investigate Trump; he was hired to cover up crimes, his own and those of his fellow travelers, their elaborate plot to derail the Trump campaign and then to orchestrate his impeachment by any means necessary.  His appointment was successfully manipulated by Comey and Rosenstein for their own purposes.  Now Mueller has authorized the over-the-top SWAT-team, guns-drawn raid of Roger Stone's home, an exercise that would be comical if it were not so deadly serious.

It appears we are now a police state.  Stalin would be proud.  The left and the media all approved of this preposterous bit of nasty theater.  Stephanopoulos said such tactics are "common," a blatant lie.  As Tucker Carlson pointed out, Mueller sent more men to get Stone than Obama sent to get Osama bin Laden!  But then Stephanopoulos is nothing but a tool of the left, a talking head with a script to read.  Who writes the bilge he reads?  Would be good to know, but one thing is certain: they have as their goal the destruction of America and its most cherished values. 

There is a scene in the film Clear and Present Danger (1994) in which the president says to the CIA analyst who has uncovered his treachery and is threatening to spill the beans: "You've got yourself a chip in the big game.  You're going to tuck that away and save it for a time when your own ass is on the line, and then you're going to pull it out, and I'm going to cash it in for you.  The old Potomac two-step."  One can only conclude that far too many people in D.C. know that dance, and they dance their way to the top.  Is there no one aside from Trump who will work to help drain this swamp?

Correction: Robert Mueller wasUS Attorney in Boston when 4 innocent men remained in prison. he did not send them to prison, and the case was unrelated to Whitey Bulger

Image: James Ledbetter via Flickr.