The party of perverts? Yet another bigfoot Democrat donor arrested

Do Democrats have a #MeToo problem?  Or more to the point, a pervert problem?

Yet another prominent Democratic Party donor got arrested for sex with a 16-year-old.  Oregon Public Broadcasting reports:

A prominent Democratic Party donor and gay rights activist has been charged with sex crimes involving a child younger than 16.

Real estate developer Terry Bean pleaded not guilty to two counts of sodomy and one count of sexual abuse Thursday in Lane County court.  Prosecutors say the charges stem from an incident in September 2013.  A grand jury voted to indict Bean earlier this month, but the indictment was secret until his arraignment.

His arrest follows the news from Los Angeles about the mysterious, sexually linked death of a second black man at the home of another bigfoot Democratic Party donor, Ed Buck, who's been called a "serial predator" by investigative reporter Jasmyne Cannick, who's been on his case for years.  Democrats have maintained silence about this one, refusing even to say whether they'll return the political donations they took from Buck to their benefit.  (Exception: Rep. Karen Bass, who returned her donation from him several years ago, after the first body turned up.)  Still no word from Adam Schiff...

Over in Arizona this year, there was also the case of Democrat donor Sal James Rivera, who was busted for assaulting a woman in a car after asking her to take him home, claiming he was too drunk to drive.  Sen. Kyrsten Sinema and Rep. David Garcia both took cash from this one.

Last year, there was Harvey Weinstein, who not only demanded casting-couch sex from starlets in exchange for movie roles, but also threatened and blackmailed any actress or reporter who tried to speak out and used his political muscle to keep news agencies from printing unfavorable stories carrying the truth.  He had quite an operation going and was in tight with top Democrats such as Hillary Clinton and Planned Parenthood, both of which gave him a cover of respectability to operate as he operated.

Then there was billionaire Democratic Party donor Jeffrey Epstein, known for partying hearty (much more than originally supposed) with President Bill Clinton – and molesting little girls with the underaged sex he was convicted and jailed for, quite a thing for a billionaire to not be able to get out of.

A pattern is starting to show.

Democrats have always had problems with their bigfoot campaign donors, and some Republicans have, too.  But in the past, the kinds of issues tended to be misuse of funds, fraud, sanctions violations, some kind of sellout to a foreign actor, and actual campaign finance violations.

Now it's all about perverts.

There must be some explanation for it.  What stands out is Democrats' unwavering support for Planned Parenthood and other organizations with an anything-goes sexual ethic, no matter how many powerless people may be hurt by such endorsements and activism.  That seems to be making the Democratic Party a magnet for people with more revolting sexual agendas and the money to pay for it.  And with Democrats acting like whores in taking any cash from any donor in return for these services – money is power, baby – maybe this is what's going on.  Anyone who favors any limits on any sexual behavior is a pariah in Democrat circles.  Money buys this position, and the position buys the protection.

Hence #MeToo and the Weinstein scandal that put donations to Democrats in the spotlight.

With five and counting pervert donors to Democrats exposed (and who knows how many are yet to be exposed?), Republicans should be making an issue of this as it seeks to retake the House in 2020.  Five perverts in just a few years is some kind of wave.  Let voters know that Democrats succor perverts, and perverts flourish because Democrats take their money.