The 'law of attrition' favors Trump in the shutdown battle

A couple of years ago, I recorded a series of podcasts with my friend Barry Jacobsen, military historian, about famous battles.  Early on, Barry spoke about the law of attrition, or the idea that the winning army wears down its opponent.

Let me predict that this is exactly what will happen in this "shutdown" battle.

On one side, there is President Trump and a pretty united GOP.  As of today, there are no major defections.  It's amazing how well the GOP has held together despite all of the scare tactics about planes falling from the sky and people starving to death because of the shutdown.

On the other side, there is Speaker Pelosi and Senator Schumer.  They are peddling an unsustainable position about the wall, as Dennis Prager posted:

Is there a Democrat or leftist who regards walls or other physical barriers surrounding homes or communities as immoral?  One doubts it.  For one thing, many of them live behind a physical barrier.  So, then, why isn't a physical barrier that protects America equally moral?  The only possible answers are that these people don't really regard America as their home or they are lying about a wall being immoral.

So why all the lies?

Because lies are effective in achieving left-wing goals.  There are people in every political, social and religious group who lie.  And there are people within every one of those groups who are truth tellers. But – and this is a "but" whose significance cannot be overstated – while truth is a liberal value and truth is a conservative value, truth has never been a leftist value.  For the left, there is always something more important.  In this case, it is the humiliation of the president of the United States.

That's right!  This is all about President Trump!

Unfortunately for Democrats, and especially Speaker Pelosi, the Democrat majority did not happen because of a liberal uprising.  In other words, she would still be Minority Leader Pelosi if all of those 30-something new Democrats had invited her to campaign in their districts.

Therefore, the Democrat position will soon collapse when these new Democrats start hearing from the constituents or calling on Speaker Pelosi to sit down and negotiate a solution.

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