The good news: CBS reportedly negotiating to add a Republican commentator; the bad news: It’s Jeff Flake

Television news organizations that want to claim they are "balanced" with the views of both parties but remain critical of President Trump continue to turn to NeverTrumps.  Bill Kristol, Max Boot, Ana Navarro, Meghan McCain, and Nicole Wallace are about to be joined by Jeff Flake, who didn't even bother running for re-election to the Senate because of his unpopularity, if the reported negotiations with CBS work out. Emily Birnbaum reports in The Hill: CBS News is engaging in talks to possibly bring on newly departed Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) for a role with the network. The Hollywood Reporter reports that the former senator could be brought on as a contributor or "something more," according to sources. The Arizona Republican was spotted at the CBS News headquarters in New York City last Friday, according to The Hollywood Reporter.  President Trump was correct in predicting a...(Read Full Post)
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