Succoring terrorists just doesn't work, and huge Colombian protest shouts it loudly

So much for a "peace deal" with Colombia's Marxist narco-terrorists, so widely touted in the press, in Norway's Nobel Peace Prize committee and at Davos.  Colombia suffered another mass-casualty Marxist narco-terrorist car bombing – and our allies in Colombia say "enough is enough." Here's the story from the BBC: Thousands of people across Colombia have taken to the streets demanding peace and chanting "no to terrorism". The protests were in response to the death of 20 police cadets in a car bomb attack in the capital, Bogotá. President Iván Duque and his predecessor, Juan Manuel Santos, were among those in marching in Bogotá. Mr Duque blamed the attack on the National Liberation Army (ELN), and has ruled out any restart of peace negotiations with the left-wing rebels.  The ELN has not said it was behind last Thursday's attack at the General Santander...(Read Full Post)
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