State of Texas protects civil rights of a black man over objections of deep blue Austin city government

The mainstream media are doing their best to ignore a story that contradicts their partisan narrative about civil rights.  In this case, the deep blue city of Austin, Texas has been fined $9,000 by a judge for infringing the civil rights of an African-American.  And the champion of said victim was the deep red State of Texas attorney general.  

What makes the story all the more delicious for conservatives is the civil right in question: the Second Amendment.  Ryan Autullo reports in the Austin American-Statesman:

A Travis County judge has ruled that the city of Austin violated state open carry gun laws when it blocked a licensed firearms and concealed-carry holder, Michael Cargill, from entering City Hall with a handgun on multiple days in 2016.  (See Austin American-Statesman article, here.)  The case was brought against Austin by the Attorney General's office as a result of a complaint from Cargill, a gun shop owner.

David Paulin emails:

While this is interesting in itself, what's perhaps more interesting is something that is not explicitly mentioned in the Statesman's story.  And that is that Cargill is a black man – as can be seen in photos in the Statesman's story.

So why is that interesting, you may ask?  Well, Texas has in the past come under withering criticism for its voter ID law, which Democrats claim is intended to discriminate against blacks.  (The state has ultimately prevailed, incidentally, in the courts regarding its allegedly racist voter ID law.)

Here, however, is a case in which the state of Texas has vigorously defended the right of a black man to enter City Hall with a handgun.  I don't know about you, but I find it interesting that state of Texas is, according to liberals, discriminating against blacks with its voter ID law – and yet, on the other hand, is defending the right of a black man to enjoy his rights under the 2nd Amendment and the state's firearms regulations.

On top of this, I suspect that Mr. Cargill is a Republican, given that there is a hint of sarcasm in his statement that Travis County is a "blue dot in a sea of red."

Expect zero coverage in the national media of this civil rights victory by a politician from the party of Abe Lincoln over politicians from the party of the KKK.

Photo credit: Delwin Steven Campbell.