Starbucks armors up its baristas for onslaught of angry Pajama Boys

Lucky Starbucks.  Former CEO Howard Schultz's possible run for president in 2020 has forced the company to armor up for angry leftists expected to take it out on their employees.  As if cleaning up after bums in the bathrooms isn't enough.  Now it's the Charge of the Light Pajama Boys.

Kid you not, here's the New York Post story:

Starbucks baristas have received instructions on how to handle "aggressive" customers who might be upset about Howard Schultz's presidential ambitions.

The employees were provided a "Barista Need-To-Know" update last week that encouraged them to defuse politically charged exchanges about the former CEO's run for president, according to the Huffington Post.

"If a customer attempts to investigate, or share aggressive political opinions, attempt to diffuse [sic] the situation," read a copy of the memo obtained by the website.

It continues to suggest a solution: "We respect everyone's opinion.  Our goal is simply to create a warm and welcoming space where we can all gather, as a community, over great coffee."

This shows you the kind of dilemma they are in, situated in upscale blue cities full of left-wingers determined to see a Democrat win the next election.  Schultz is hopelessly liberal, but that's not good enough for such people, because what they want is a far leftist.  Schultz, who would run as a pragmatic independent, amounts to a roadblock to that "entitlement," so the company expects some to go off the deep end.  What's more, these leftists most likely to target baristas think Schultz is likely to get President Trump re-elected as the vote on the left splits, which is really their issue.

Fine and dandy for the Pajama Boys to be upset, but do they have to take it out on Starbucks?  Apparently, these guys do, despite Starbucks having 300,000 employees and not a one of them named Howard Schultz, who retired from his position last year.  Starbucks is telling its hapless baristas, who were last seen cleaning up after bums in the bathrooms after Schultz vowed to allow all comers to use them, to now prepare for raging leftists, with a special list of talking points for handling them.  According to the Post, that means telling them not to get into fights with these people, telling them to go buy Schultz's book in a bookstore and not bother the baristas for that, and explaining that "Howard's future plans are up to him."

You can bet the Starbucks honchos are also setting up a lookout operation for internal sabotage, from Starbucks employees hired from all those womyn's studies majors, given what the left is capable of.

What does this say about the left and all its Pajama Boys who are currently fulminating?  That they cannot keep their rage to themselves or take it to the ballot box?  That they have got to bother hapless baristas who have literally nothing to do with whether Schultz runs or not?  You'd think leftists would be embarrassed about Starbucks having to do this – armoring up its baristas from the Pajama Boy onslaught.  If this doesn't tell you the nature of the left, and what it has in store for us if, God forbid, they win, what does?  

Image credit: Marco Paköeningrat via FlickrCC BY-SA 2.0.