‘Reverend’ Al Sharpton silent as TV show guest calls VP Pence a ’Jesus whisperer’

Outright anti-Christian bigotry evidently is now acceptable on both CNN and MSNBC, as Trump Derangement Syndrome drives the haters insane, lashing out at everyone and anyone who supports Trump, or who might place something higher in importance than getting rid of the duly elected POTUS.

Al Sharpton, who used to present himself as a man of the cloth in the Christian faith yesterday found acceptable the deriding of a man who prays and follows the scriptural dictates of his (and Shapton’s?) religion.

Watch as Tiffany Cross, “the Co-Founder, Managing Editor and Curator of The Beat DC, a political platform highlighting the diversity that leads the nation’s capital,” mocks a Christian believer as a “Jesus whisperer.”


Ms. Cross bills herself on her own website as “your expert for all things media, politics, and diversity.” That diversity does not extend to believing Christians.

As Taylor Swift warbled, “haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate.”