Ocasio-Cortez: Socialism can cure ringworm, and also everything else

Ringworm is a minor, superficial fungal infection easily cured with over-the-counter medication.  My husband's donkey is a demanding wench, and if she doesn't get her apples and hugs every day, she brays loud enough to wake the dead in nearby Bear Grass Cemetery.  From time to time, he gets a little ringworm from meeting her emotional needs. On MLK day, the noted race impresario Ta-Nehisi Coates interviewed Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez (aka Occasional-Cortex).  They spoke on various topics organized around the underlying theme of resentment toward white and/or rich people.  Our Occasional-Cortex again displayed her iridescent stupidity in proclaiming the scourge of ringworm in Alabama and imparting that the solution is not Tinactin, but socialism. Occasional-Cortex's yakking has ceased to be amusing.  It is becoming dangerous.  For the first time in my life, I am genuinely afraid for my country.  I see...(Read Full Post)
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