Ocasio-Cortez picks a new fight, this time with the Democrat dinosaurs

So far, so good.  Far-left socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, 29, has managed to P.O. more Democrats with her tweets, her latest one going after the age of Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman, 76, who said he didn't think she was the future of the Democratic Party.  With characteristic class, Ocasio-Cortez tweeted this to Lieberman: "New party, who dis?"

To be fair, Lieberman started it: "With all respect, I certainly hope she's not the future and I don't believe she is," said Lieberman, who was the Democratic Party's vice presidential nominee in the 2000 election. 

All respect?  I didn't read any "all respect" in that one.  I read "all disgust."  The "future" Lieberman refers to was clearly in reference to Ocasio-Cortez's youth, because let's face it: youth is always the future.  She returned fire, "pooping on" (as Whoopi Goldberg likes to say) another one.

It's her party's own doing.  She unwittingly reminded everyone that Democrats really do have an age problem.  They would rather that not be noticed.  But they do.  They are the party of the establishment.  They are the party of dinosaurs.  Their leadership is positively Jurassic.  Few new voices or faces have made their way into leading positions now that Nancy Pelosi (age 78) has retaken the House speaker's gavel.  Old Democrats hoard power and take it seriously, shutting out the young.  Everyone can notice it, except them.

Even the Democrats' policies – piling on government debt for the young to pay; driving up health care costs for the young, who don't use much health care (and, as Mitch McConnell himself once told a group of us when I was working at a newspaper, that comes right out of state education budgets); minimum wage hikes, which kick away the lowest rungs on the jobs ladder, the ones the young otherwise take; government centralization of student loan debt, which has forced students to borrow more; inability to discharge student loan debt in bankruptcy; and President Obama's "mom's basement" plan for a zero-jobs economy, are all pro-old-people policies, either by design or by default.  They sure as heck don't support the young.  Ocasio-Cortez, who thinks socialism will fix this, wouldn't know anything about a solution, but she's right that Democrats are not youth-friendly in any sense.  And so she went and picked another fight.

A sassy young whippersnapper not even old enough to run for president is precisely what these Democrats deserve.  Obviously, by this response, it's clear she's going to continue to be their problem.

She's actually getting famous for infuriating her fellow Democrats, drunk on the arrogance of her Twitter power and social-media good looks.  Penny Starr of Blabberbuzz News has a pretty good list of all the things she has done to irritate her fellow Democrats.  I will paraphrase them here.

  • Vowed to primary her fellow Democrats in coming elections.
  • Refusal to vote for House pay-go rules, something even the Democrats' House Progressive Caucus wanted a "yes" vote on.  (Ocasio-Cortez wants to be free to spend like Hugo Chávez.)
  • Grandstanding all the time on Twitter.
  • Openly campaigning for senior committee seats, ignoring seniority, using her Twitter mob to fire.
  • Fighting with Democrats instead of Republicans (this sank Jeb Bush on the right side).
  • Making other Democrats as afraid of tangling with her as they are a skunk with a bad smell.

This is interesting, because not too long ago, she was really turning on the charm, sucking up to them teacher's-pet style.  I wrote about how she was angling for prestigious committee positions from the dinosaurs here.

It didn't work.  She got no Ways and Means Committee assignment; nobody wanted her near the congressional body that sets taxes.  She also (apparently, or at least so far) got no Energy and Commerce Committee seat, nobody wants her taking over the economy in the name of restating President Obama's failed 'green' economic agenda – everyone knows how well that worked out with Obama.

Her little fight with outgoing White House chief of staff John Kelly may have paid her dividends, according to the latest leaks, although nothing is sure yet.  Ocasio-Cortez brought up the old dead cat of what Kelly said about Rep. Fredericka Wilson (D-Fla.) at some building open, a non-issue to everyone except Wilson, which was obviously a favor to her close ally, House Financial Services Committee chairwoman Maxine Waters.  She rilly, rilly, rilly wanted a seat on that committee, she insulted Kelly to get it, and well, maybe she got it. So you can see that Jurassic Democrats are schooling her in carrot and stick, as Politico noted.

But mostly, she failed to impress, and now they're trying to sideline her.  But that makes her their little nightmare, free to snipe at all the congressional representatives who denied her the seats she wanted on the choice committees she hankered for, in favor of other candidates, and she will.  Nice job, Ocasio-Cortez – your great achievements so far in Congress is pretty well annoying almost every member of the Democratic Party.

Yet despite the dinosaur issue, her fights seem to be more about her amazing sense of entitlement – arrogance, really.  "New party," as she tweeted, meaning that it belongs to her now, not to them.  She really does think she's entitled to all the power, over all the others, including the old, including the better behaved Democrats who don't embarrass the party, including even the other young.  Gimme, gimme, gimme, and all she knows (as one commentator on Blabberbuzz noted) is how to serve tacos and margaritas.

For conservatives, that's the gift that keeps on giving.  The more she says, the better it gets, because voters notice, and she turns off a lot of voters.  All we can hope is:

'More, please,' a Republican Senate aide told DailyMail.com on Friday. 'Honestly, if the Democrats had 3 more of her, Americans would run away so fast that we'd have a power monopoly until she's Lieberman's age.'