Ocasio-Cortez can’t justify appearing with antisemites at women’s march, resorts to double-talk

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is well-accustomed to evading hard questions, spouting nonsense, and getting away with it because she’s young, cute, and sports a minority identity. Certainly, nobody in the Trump-hating mainstream media is going to push her hard. Yesterday, when questioned at the women’s march where Linda Sarsour spoke supporting the antisemitic BDS movement, the Bronx congresswoman completely evaded a question about the antisemitism on evidence among the speakers. Instead, the answered that it was “absolutely valid” to worry about antisemitism in the Trump administration. She went on to offer a word salad as empty as her own head, expressing the solidarity of marches with everything nice.



There was no follow-up from the reporter, identified by The Hill as from CNN, asking "What about the women's march today, not the Trump administration?"

This will probably work with her enthusiastic followers, who already have low standards of logic. But she is playing in a bigger sandbox now, and she can’t go on forever pretending that she isn’t perfectly comfortable in the presence of vicious anti-Semites.

Iage credit: Screen grab Twitter