Obama Ethics: Another law enforcement agency found corrupted

A Senate memo has blasted another law enforcement agency for corrupt behavior: the U.S. Marshals Service.

Here's the Washington Post account:

The departing chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday issued a scathing summary of his years investigating the U.S. Marshals Service, saying his committee found “a culture of mismanagement, abuse of authority and lax accountability” at the law enforcement agency.

“Poor leadership and pervasive misconduct cripples morale and corrodes trust of employees tasked with apprehending criminals and keeping communities safe,” said Sen. Charles E. Grassley (R-Iowa). “This culture must change.”

The memo prepared by Grassley’s staff summarizes the committee’s examination of claims by more than 100 purported whistleblowers who came forward to allege misconduct and mismanagement by senior Marshals Service officials.

The report describes forged signatures for subpoenas, retaliations against whistleblowers, hire-anyone hiring practices and of course, money flung all over the place.

Kind of sounds like Chicago politics. Which made me want to look up who might have appointed the obviously failed leadership of this once-respected law enforcement agency, with this time the woman named being Stacia Hylton: Got it. President Obama.

Another person hired not for her character but for her loyalty to Obama, and likely identity politics attributes.

She joins in with the failed leaders of the scandal-plagued Secret Service, the scandal-mired IRS, and the politically corrupted FBI, the last two of which Obama used to target dissidents with no consequences on his watch.

Which shows a lot about how leftists view law enforcement - as something to tolerate corruption in, and something to use on one's enemies. It's like rule of law is not even part of the equation. And the result is that the law enforcement agencies themselves start to resemble gangsters.

With so many law enforcement agencies showing evidence of suddenly being corrupted under Obama, it's obviously a pattern. And it's worth noticing two other things.

First, that this is the Obama legacy, and anyone voting for Democrats, needs to know that Democrats are likely to allow law enforcement agencies to fall apart like this as it stands as a part of their ethos. Republicans should positively seize on it, because the facts of the pattern are well supported. Whether it is because Democrats dislike law enforcement, dislike rule of law, or just have a Chicago way of doing business, they let law enforcement agencies go to heck. This is how they act. Once-respected law enforcement agencies can expect to end up disgraced and disgusting under Democratic rule, more like some banana republic law enforcement agency than one that deserves any association with America.

Second, that law enforcement agencies should never be centralized, which is what Democrats are calling for, given that they are powerful and given that this Senate report shows that that power is very easily corrupted and politicized. When one goes corrupt, it usually takes another one to check them. When there is no 'nother one, then the corruption festers. Just ask any Soviet how well that utter centralization works out.

Nice going, Obama, what a legacy. Stand up and take a bow.


Image credit: tOrange.biz // CC BY-SA 4.0