Not exactly an 'inclusive' Women's March

As I told a local TV channel, this is not a women's march.  This is a march of women who don't like President Trump.

Just listen to the speeches.  Did you hear any of these important details about the state of women in the U.S. today?

First, the unemployment rate is pretty good.  In fact, it's historically good: 3.9%!

As Elaine Parker wrote:

By almost every economic measure, women are flourishing in today's economy. 

Female unemployment is currently at a 50-year low of 3.9 percent, less than half the rate it was as recently as President Obama's second term. 

This summer, the female unemployment rate reached its lowest level in 65 years. 

When you consider how small the female labor force was back then, it's safe to say it's never been easier for a woman to find a job than it is today. 

Second, red Texas is very good for female entrepreneurs.  In fact, Texas is the place for a woman to open a business.

You didn't hear anyone saying this from the podium.  What we heard were the same sob stories about this and that.

We also didn't hear a speech from a pro-Trump or pro-life woman.

Please don't call it a women's march, because a lot of women stayed home!

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