New Year's border charge proves caravan is an invasion – and it's time for a wall

They plotted it carefully, for several days, with precise tactics, calling it off the first time in order to get the timing just right: an invasion plan to charge the border in the dead of night, on a holiday, estimating that the U.S. Border Patrol would probably be asleep at its posts and too surprised to react.  They got a few kids ready to throw into the concertina wire for the strategically invited television cameras, in a secondary bid to maximize the propaganda value, because for them, the war front is multi-faceted.  Then they charged:

A "violent mob" of illegal immigrants [sic] tried to ring in the new year by rushing the border in California, and Border Patrol agents fired tear gas at them to repel the incursion, Homeland Security officials said Tuesday.

About 150 people were involved in the attempt to climb over and burrow under a section of border fence in San Diego on New Year's Eve night.  After they were blocked, one group grew more combative, firing rocks over the border to try to hit agents.

The Border Patrol fired tear gas, smoke and pepper spray rounds at the group of rock-throwers, said Customs and Border Protection.

The migrants said they were part of the caravan of people from Central America who arrived at the border over the last couple of months, escalating what had already been a strained border security regime.

That's the Washington Times report of what went down.  Here is the San Diego Union-Tribune's.

A group of about 150 migrants attempted to breach a San Diego border fence on New Year's, and some began throwing rocks at responding U.S. border agents who deployed pepper spray and tear gas on the crowd, authorities said.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection said the group was attempting to climb over and under the San Diego border fence. When agents and officers responded, about 45 migrants turned back to Mexico, according to the agency.

The strategic planning here was positively military, because for the caravan dead-enders doing it, this is war, an invasion, and there are vast spoils to be had on the other side.  They were charging and invading the flimsy gates of America in a bid to reach the vast benefit packages.

The sense of entitlement is pretty amazing.  Recall this firsthand account from the Daily Signal about the organization and attitude of the caravan:

MEXICO CITY – The migrant caravan has its own de facto government, and on this night the travelers from Central America gathered at the behest of a few leaders to discuss issues of the day as well as the big picture – such as what route to take to the U.S. border.

"It's your right to go to the U.S.," Milton Benitez, a political analyst and sociologist who hosts the Honduran TV show "El Perro Amarillo," implored the impassioned crowd.

In a scene not unlike when a coach rallies his players before a big game, the Honduran media figure pressed the encircling migrants on the night of Nov. 7 not to give up on their "mission" to achieve the U.S. border.

With that bugle call to join the caravan, it's hardly surprising that it's now descending into a military-like invasion.  The idea of waiting in line, as normal people who immigrate legally do, is simply absent.  The U-T has more details:

"The thing about it is, you don't want to be illegal but you are already illegal," [caravan migrant] Sierra said.  "So they tell you to take a number.  You ask for a number and wait in line for an opportunity.  But there's so many people in line, you aren't getting through.  If you walk up and ask for asylum, they say you are in the wrong place.  You tell me what are we supposed to do?"

Hear that?  He's quite convinced he's entitled to instant customer service, the way first-class passengers are on flights, getting to board first.  Lines are for suckers, and he doesn't do lines.

With that the attitude, you can bet there are going to be more border charges, just as one of the uneducated young men who was repelled in the New Year's attack said would happen.  With all of these organized invasions now coming, what we are seeing is a repeat of the European migrant invasions with all of the social blight, sex harassment and political ruin of Europe's leaders that followed.  More border charges are on the way, so how can it be that "walls don't work," as the left claims, and how can it be that a more secure wall, one with no need of razor wire upon which to toss the kids for the photos, isn't needed?  Democrats are now insisting that America doesn't need a border wall, even as the flimsy fences America does have are being breached in organized attacks.  This charge is proof positive that President Trump's border wall is needed and Democratic opposition to it is nothing more than a desire to see the gates to the U.S. knocked over to all comers.  Team Trump must drive this home as negotiations to end the government shutdown head for a climax.

Image credit: Camera photo from a San Diego ABC News10 television broadcast.