NBC: The Covington boys should apologize because they wore MAGA hats

Savannah Guthrie, of NBC, interviewed Nick Sandmann, the Covington student who was confronted by Nathan Phillips.  Her questions clearly show the bias against the students. Guthrie asked Sandmann: "Do you think if you weren't wearing that hat this might not have happened?"  "Do you feel from this experience that you owe anybody an apology? Do you see your own fault in any way?" The premise of Guthrie's questions is that wearing a MAGA hat is wrong and that the confrontation is the fault of those wearing a MAGA hat.  The Covington boys should apologize for wearing MAGA hats and standing instead of running away from those who caused the disturbance. We know the true story of the boys from Covington Catholic High School, an all-boys Catholic high school.  They attended the March for Life in Washington, D.C. on January 19, 2019, accompanied by chaperones.  Many Catholic, as well as Protestant,...(Read Full Post)
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