National media blackout story of African-American murderer on trial for second killing who told fellow inmate he hates white men

Imagine for a moment that a white man, already convicted of murdering one African-American, were on trial for a second such murder, and prosecutors revealed he had told a prison snitch that he hates blacks.  Do you think the national media would yawn and ignore the story?  Yet this story, from the Des Moines Register, has gotten no national media coverage at all.

Luke Nozicka and Tyler J.Davis write:

After he was sentenced to life in prison for killing a taxi driver, an eastern Iowa man was in court again Tuesday, representing himself, in his latest murder trial. 

Curtis Cortez Jones, 42, of Mount Pleasant, was sentenced to life in prison 10 days ago after he was convicted of first-degree murder in the killing of a cab driver in June 2017.  He now stands trial in the April 2017 fatal shooting of a bail bondsman.

Prosecutors said it was not only desperation and greed but racial hatred that led Jones to rob and kill Jonathan Wieseler on April 22, 2017.  During opening statements, Assistant Johnson County Attorney Mike Ringle told jurors an inmate housed with Jones said he admitted to shooting Wieseler in part because Jones "wanted to kill a white man."

"Curtis Jones also told (the inmate, a witness for the state) that he hates white men," Ringle told the all-white Polk County jury.  "That he couldn't leave Iowa without killing a white man and that he wanted to shoot white men in the head."

Wieseler, 34, was found in a pool of blood by his fiancee April 23, 2017, the morning after he left his home.  His throat was slit and he was shot in the head in his office at Lederman Bail Bonds.

As of 8 A.M. EST, Google finds only Iowa media covering the story:

A black man murdering multiple white people out of race-hatred is not of any interest to our moral instructors in the national media, apparently.

Mug shot via KWQC TV.  Hat tip: David Paulin.