Nancy the Great returns

The party of the future and equality, the Progressives, present not so much proudly as deferentially, for speaker of the House, the master legislator, Nancy Pelosi, unopposed.  This, the party of social justice and the ideology that diversity of appearance, if not diversity of thought, is the principal objective of America's future, has propped up again (as the lesser of evils) the Perpetual Pelosi.  We can hardly anticipate the bright array of wonderfully insightful legislative ideas she will champion from her pulpit.  From the great tilt left to the roar for presidential impeachment, the Progressive Party sheepishly admit they have not a single voice capable of even challenging, let alone unseating The Great Nancy, so they shrink away and vote in embarrassed acceptance of more of the same from the Progressives.

Pelosi has told us herself that she views herself as a "master legislator."  Shall we examine?

It's not clear what Nancy did to be worth an estimated $100 million or so while a dedicated servant of the people for 50 years, sacrificing who knows how many personal opportunities for gain. 

Nancy should be cautious how much she clamors on behalf of her constituents for more financial disclosure from Trump.  Nancy's own disclosure seems to say she could have a net worth of anywhere from $60 million in debt to more than $100 million in the black.  You must love what politicians consider transparency.  She is not the only one who raises cautious curiosity on the source of her flaunted wealth.  One can start with Hillary and go onto Maxine, she representing the poorest people in the country.  Maxine doesn't live there, but she "fights" for their rights for more government aid.

Nancy famously argued from her vineyard in California how too much money is accumulating with a few, appealing at that convenient time of national election to the unwashed steel workers.  Meanwhile, with her wealth more than doubling since then, from about the time she snapped pictures hugging Bashar al-Assad in Syria (2007), she still states with practiced solemnity to grim silent soldiers of her party that she fights for the middle class, which has fled her district in great numbers with the speed of falcons.

Reports now speculate how much Nancy's wealth has increased for simply being named speaker again.  That increase isn't due to a pay increase from the paymaster for whom she sacrifices so.  Odd, coincidentally how the presumedly mesmerizing speakers Hillary and Bill saw speaking fees and donations to the Clinton Foundation plummet after the election loss.  Shortly after the Uranium One heist was complete, those lavish Russian donations to the Clinton Foundation seemed to vaporize.  Nothing to see here, people.  Move along.

A serious attempt to find what warrants even Nancy herself claiming she is a "master legislator" is hard sledding.  There was the donkey in the room of Obamacare – "we must pass the bill so you can find out what is in it."  You can keep your doctor; your premiums will drop $2,000.  And Nancy dismissed average workers receiving $1,000 bonuses and $1,000 pay raises after tax reform.  She would like the savings returned to Washington; the tax reform should be repealed, as Washington needs the crumbs more.

We see legislation passed while she was speaker, like the damnable Dodd-Frank that should soon be repealed.  Surely masterful, and there is no one who can replace her from the party of openness and free expression and equal opportunity, albeit with a nod toward someone different in appearance, at least, except if that would not gain power.

Nancy seems not quite Hamilton, Adams, or Jefferson, whom she views as peers, and it's hard to find a sniff of personal sacrifice unless it was a passing temptation to cut short a resort vacation in Hawaii in order to negotiate financing the continuance of the non-essential government she is so selflessly dedicated to, and it to her.  No, that can wait.  Once she's speaker, we can only dream with prayers of love of all the wonderfully masterful legislation she will present to the people she has sacrificed so much to serve.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr.