Mitt Romney pooh-poohs idea of any crisis at the border

Fresh from the shellacking he got for his ill advised, ill timed, tin-eared op-ed opposing President Trump in the Washington Post, and underscored with the chilly reception he got in the Senate for it, Mitt Romney is refusing to change course. Now the embittered former presidential candidate is pooh-poohing President Trump's border wall showdown with intransigent Democrats, saying the drugs, illegal aliens, criminals, and smuggling operations pouring over our border are really not much of a crisis. "I don't want to see a declaration of national emergency," Romney told MSNBC.  "I think that's an action that would be taken in the most extreme circumstances, and, hopefully, we don't reach that." This rather contradicts Romney's earlier claim that a border wall is necessary and that he supports one.  Here he was, just the other day, as reported...(Read Full Post)
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