Marketing the Ocasio-Cortez brand

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has become a sensation.


As far as I can tell, she's benefiting from mainstream media bias that favors the following:

-Nice clothes
-Nice make up[i]

Surely her claim to fame isn't brains, because they seem in short supply as she rambles on about all manner of things she knows nothing about, peddling insane half-baked "ideas."  The fact that she's an ignoramus matters little to lemmings.

Caricature by Donkey Hotey.

Meanwhile, to those who would say I'm being unfair and not giving her credit where credit is due since she did, after all, unseat a ten-term congressman who was seen as next in line to succeed Pelosi, I would say this:

Where was the wall-to-wall coverage when David Brat beat House majority leader Eric Cantor in 2014?  Where were the adulation, the glorification, the non-stop media invites, the 24/7 coverage that wouldn't quit?  Where were the polls conducted days after being sworn in pitting Brat against a sitting president to see who would win the next presidential election?

I'll save you some time.  Don't bother looking it up.  You'll find precious little, and certainly no polls to see how Brat would fare in a presidential race.

But that's where we're at now.  The dumbing down of the populace has us at a crossroads, where a huge swath of Americans would vote for Ocasio-Cortez for president if they could.  Right now.  Today.  Americans would check the box for a vapid fool, enamored with socialism, who's being shoved in our faces as the eighth wonder of the world.

Where have we seen this before?

Hint: Obama.

[i] Tweeting out the brand and color of her lipstick after her Twitter followers inquired.  Shortly thereafter, she switched her focus to no lipstick, which elevated her image all the more as the media gushed about her comfort talking about lipstick or not wearing any as proof of her ability to shake things up (here).  (Imagine if a conservative had asked about her lipstick.  Feminists across America would be screaming, ranting, and raving.  Then again, when aren't they, so nothing new there.)