'Likely' illegal alien linked to 4 horrific murders in Nevada

A man, described by Nevada authorities as likely in the United States illegally" has been linked to the murder of 4 northern Nevada elderly people whose homes were invaded and then robbed before being shot to death.

Fox News:

Wilbur Ernesti Martinez-Guzman, 19, was arrested Saturday afternoon by deputies from the Carson County Sheriff's Office, Washoe County Sheriff Darin Balaam told a news conference Sunday.

"We feel confident we have the evidence to link him to all four homicides," Balaam said.

Investigators said the killings started on or around Jan. 10 in Gardnerville, a town south of Carson City. Connie Koontz, 56, was found shot and killed in her home. On Jan. 13, 74-year-old Sophia Renken was found dead in her home approximately a mile away from Koontz.

The FBI joined the investigation after the bodies of married couple Gerald David, 81, and Sharon David, 80, were found in their home on the southern edge of Reno Wednesday. Balaam told The Associated Press on Friday that all four killings were similar in the use of a firearm and the removal of objects from the victims' homes.

The sheriff urged residents to turn on outside lights, secure their homes and refuse to open the door for anyone they didn't know.

On Sunday, Douglas County Sheriff Dan Coverley told the Reno and Carson City communities: "We feel strongly that we have the man responsible for this and that you can continue to go about your daily activities and live normally."

Carson City Sheriff Ken Furlong told reporters a tip led investigators to surveil Martinez-Guzman, who had lived in the Carson City area for approximately one year. Furlong added that immigration officials had said that Martinez-Guzman "was likely in the United States illegally and was detainable."

How many times will this scenario repeat itself before it becomes a problem recognized by open borders advocates and the media? We are told that these sorts of crimes are "isolated incidents" and that pointing them out or advocating for stronger border security is "racist." 

Tell that to the families of the dead.

These 4 deaths are the price we pay for lax security at our borders. The problem is made worse by local authorities refusing to cooperate in apprehending illegals like this murderer. 

It's a good thing Martinez-Guzman was on the loose in Nevada. If he had murdered 4 people in California, that state's sanctuary policies would probably mean the killer would still be at large.