Ivy League schools should admit Covington Catholic HS students

As the truth emerged of the now infamous incident involving the MAGA hat-wearing male students from a Catholic high school in Covington, Kentucky; the racist, obscenity-spewing male Black Hebrew Israelites (sic!); and a late-middle-aged drum-playing male Native American, Nathan Phillips, the foundational narrative of the lefties was busted.  The narrative: Religious private-schooled white males are bad; they are racist, arrogant, privileged oppressors living examples of the evil of male toxicity, while the latter two are politically correct approved minorities suffering on the fringes of a perverted society dominated by the former.

But no, that is not how the events played out.  As the students were waiting for their bus to take them back to their home town, the older, so called Black Hebrew Israelites (sic again) began shrieking vile vulgarities at them, as their culture dictates.  Professional agitator Phillips zipped over to drum in their faces.  And young Nick Sandmann, attempting to defuse the situation, just smiled.

In other words, the minorities were full of hate; the white students were quite tolerant.  Ah, the weak non-apologies.

Certainly Sandmann's actions alone should qualify him for Harvard, or any other prominent, prestigious school so desperately seeking diversity that it rejects objectively qualified Asians and Jews because, well, there are just too many of them.  Or these institutions will eagerly seek out and admit someone who, though white, has an interesting backstory that promotes the approved narrative, such as David Hogg, the star social media anti-gun student who conveniently attended Marjorie Stoneman Douglas H.S. in Parkland, Florida, where a gun-toting former approved minority student slaughtered 17.

If these universities could diversify their concept of diversity, the mannerly Sandmann would certainly bring some – if he decides to lower himself to attend.

Black Hebrew Israelites most certainly need to be exposed.  Culturally, historically and religiously appropriating the birthright of Jews and Judaism, they are in reality a black supremacy hate group.

Will such profound turnarounds occur?  Probably not.  But there are reports that President Donald J Trump (R) has invited the students to the White House, where they will probably feast on takeout hamburgers, chicken, fries, and pizza from some of America's best known chain restaurants.

The immediate media-liberal total meltdown that follows will be the ultimate societal corrective.

Once again, MAGA!