Ilhan Omar aligning with Valerie Jarrett in explicitly anti-Israel faction of Democrats

The Islamist dream of destroying Israel after breaking the U.S. alliance with the Jewish state is a step closer to realization, as a faction the Democratic Party openly aligns with it.  Battle lines are being drawn within the party for an attack meant to break the historic U.S. alliance with Israel, a second prong in support of the Obama administration's effort to fashion an alliance with the mullahs of Iran, who openly promise destruction of the Jewish state.

The Trump presidency has put a stop to the JCPOA, the deal that funneled billions to the mullahs, but that is merely a temporary obstacle as far as the Jew-haters are concerned.  The point woman among Democrat office holders is Rep. Ilhan Omar, the Somali-American representing Minneapolis in the House of Representatives.

The smiling face of the destruction of Israel.

Yesterday, in an interview with Yahoo News, Ilhan Omar took the absurd position that Israel is not a democracy and likened it to Iran, a religious dictatorship.


Note that she objects to a law that identifies Israel as a Jewish state, which is ironic, considering that her native land of Somalia identifies itself as an Islamic nation in its constitution.

In an utter travesty, Ilhan Omar has received a seat on the House Intelligence Committee, which gives her a high-level security clearance with no vetting and access to highly classified intelligence.  One can only speculate, but it is possible that Nancy Pelosi traded this seat – and access to highly classified intelligence – in return for support for her bid to return to the speakership.

Rep. Lee Zeldin was outraged:

Naturally, Zeldin was attacked as an "Islamophobe," but most notably, Valerie Jarrett, the Obama mentor who lived in the White House with him, and now lives in the Kalorama mansion purchased by the Obamas, tweeted her support of Ilhan Omar:

As of this morning, there is no sign of a pushback from Democrats, and the slide of that party away from support of Israel advances.  The implication is that the next time a Democrat is in the Oval Office, Israel will be on its own.

Photo credit: YouTube screen grab.