If President Trump is really a racist or a Nazi, then please explain these facts

I recently watched that insane viral video of a Millennial snowflake losing his mind when a Trump-supporter walks into a store where he works.  He shouts, "F‑‑‑ your f‑‑‑‑‑‑ president!  He's a racist, stupid piece of s‑‑‑!"  Always we hear that accusation hurled at Trump by anchors in the mainstream media and congressional Democrats.  But has that ever been true?

My husband worked for Trump when he took over the Old Commodore Hotel on 42nd Street and transformed it into the Grand Hyatt.

Grand Hyatt Hotel, New York (photo credit: Jhw57).

He was then married to Ivana Trump, and for twelve years, my husband watched him completely salvage the dying Midtown area of Manhattan.  Not only did he never see a hint of racism in the man, but he was convinced he was completely colorblind.  He staffed the hotel with a majority of minority workers in all positions, from executive managers to housekeeping.

My husband was raised in the Deep South and knows what a racist looks and acts like, and it ain't our president.  In 1998 and 1999, Jesse Jackson was praising Trump for a lifetime of help to the black community.  Trump had been involved with Jackson's Rainbow Coalition and was instrumental in opening Wall Street to it.  Of course, Jesse Jackson has never been one to adhere to deep convictions.  He was against abortion and redefining marriage before succumbing to the Democrat left wing.

If, as critics allege, Trump is truly a Nazi, then why has he been heralded as Israel's biggest supporter?  Why was he the only president to move our embassy to Jerusalem?  Why didn't he object to his daughter's conversion to Judaism?  It's so easy to hurl accusations of racism and Nazism because frankly, the brain-dead mobs are interested only in vandalism and mayhem and totally disinterested in truth.  They also have no idea what racism and Nazism historically mean.

What on Earth did Donald Trump do to deserve these unfair labels?  Apparently, he told the truth about what was happening to the country he loves so much.  The fact is that Trump has never been against immigrants or immigration – just the abuse of our laws.

It's amazing how the Dem politicians and media anchors keep a straight face every time they use the phrase "this country was built by immigrants" to condemn President Trump's war against illegals invading our borders.  These anti-Trump demagogues absolutely refuse to use the word "illegal" instead use the euphemistic term "undocumented."  Sorry, but this great country of ours was built by settlers and (legal) immigrants from all over the world who wanted to become citizens.  Those massing at the border today are nothing but invaders seeking to take advantage of whatever benefits they can con out of misguided communities that have forgotten the obligation they have to Americans already here.

Unless these journalists live in a bubble, they should have been watching the caravan currently heading toward the U.S. and noticing the flags of Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras being waved by these migrants.  Certainly, these are not individuals clamoring to become Americans.  Rather, they look exactly like an invading army – and I thank God we now have a president who knows exactly what they are, unlike his predecessor.

President Obama allowed those claiming to be refugees from the Middle East and Central America to enter the United States, bypassing any security measures usually mandated by immigration laws.  Janet Napolitano, the former Homeland Security secretary, did absolutely nothing to protect our country from illegals entering the country, unvaccinated, with many having criminal records.  The devastation caused by the war in Syria created hordes of refugees fleeing their homeland to escape persecution by rebels and Syrian militants.

It didn't take long for diminished diseases like measles, polio, mumps, chicken pox, and others to reappear.  Unvaccinated immigrants were settled in our schools without the necessary medical documents, which were always required for entry to all schools.  A recent DrudgeReport.com headline read, "Worst measles outbreak in decades sweeps New York as cases surge in Oregon, Washington and abroad."

Measles is a very contagious disease and extremely dangerous for the very young, which is why proof of vaccination is required before entering our school systems.  Forget that mandate when dealing with the hordes of "undocumented" now residing among us.  As opioid deaths reach epidemic levels, why aren't the MSM pointing out that drug cartels have saturated our streets with their products thanks to illegals transporting them?

The latest news of the "invasion" is that a new and larger caravan is set to leave for the United States next week, and about the only word to describe this is that it is a horse load of "chutzpah."  What colossal nerve the leaders of the previous caravan had, trying to invade the U.S. by demanding $50K for each invader and, after payment, promising to turn back.  Can you imagine these parasites doing it to Russia or China?  I don't think so.

If I were born in a country that everybody wanted to leave, I certainly wouldn't be waving a flag, claiming I was proud of it.  Central American countries should be ashamed that their citizens can't wait to leave them.  If this administration hasn't already stopped giving aid to these ungrateful, corrupt nations, it should cease doing so ASAP.

The average American knows the truth, and it is this: the Democratic Party has no real love for this country or its national security.  Democrats champion the cause of illegals for one reason only: voter fraud.  If voter ID laws were passed in 50 states ensuring that only eligible citizens could vote, they'd never win a majority.  As those Democrat politicians vacation in Puerto Rico on the taxpayer's dime while the government shutdown continues, this truth is undeniable.

Now build that wall!