How demented is the American left? Ocasio-Cortez is their Pied Piper

To the media and to the left, facts are no longer relevant or remotely important.  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says so; facts have no relation to morality!  This woman's muddled thinking could be a danger to us all because, even though she was selected by only 16,000 voters out of 691,000 in her district, the leftist media adore her, and she has become their shooting star.

If she were not so ignorant of all things American, historical, and economic, or so lacking in common sense, she could well be dangerous.  Despite her many shortcomings, the MSM are intent upon making her the face of the Democratic Party.  She is more politically illiterate than almost any other member of Congress, but she and her supporters think she is an oracle of wisdom.  She is confident in her ability to take over the House, to rid it of the old people in her party, and in her cosmic right to subpoena her critics!  She has not a clue what our Constitution says; it is a safe bet she has never read it, studied it, or taken a class in American history that was not taught by an anti-American Marxist.

Her millions of Twitter followers no doubt think she is smart as well.  How depressing is that?  They love her punish-the-rich-for-being-rich rhetoric.  She is advocating confiscating 70% of the income of high earners.  She is offended by the very existence of billionaires.  She was apparently never taught anything about economics, even though that is the discipline in which she has a degree from Boston U.  What she got in university was what nearly all college students get these days: Marxist-socialist, anti-American nonsense that makes fools of them once they venture out into the world (like the feminist who produced that odious man-hating Gillette ad).  Bernie Sanders advocated Venezuela's brand of socialism not so long ago, and he was old enough to know better.  How has that worked out?  Ocasio-Cortez envisions the kind of socialism Sweden enjoys!  Sweden has billionaires, she will be surprised to learn.

Caricature by Donkey Hotey.

Who does Ocasio-Cortez think created the lifestyle Americans enjoy today, the vast choices we have when we walk into any place of business, from grocery and department stores to online shopping?  She objects to personally owned helipads (Michael Bloomberg) but seems to have no knowledge of what it takes, whom it takes, to build helicopters and helipads (or yachts, or luxury cars, or mansions, or the designer clothes she loves).  Rich people, as Mark Levin has long and regularly reminded us, invent things; they change the world for the better.  Most of them have worked hard and earned their wealth.  They create millions of jobs.  Soros and Steyer are exceptions to that rule: they manipulate currency and use their wealth in an attempt to impose their brand of fascism upon us all.

Ocasio-Cortez, like Kirsten Gillibrand of N.Y., speaks with the voice and self-assured knowledge of a nine-year-old child.  She is perhaps the best media creation to happen to the Republican Party in ages.  If this person does not wake up Americans to the lunacy of the left, we are over as a nation; we cannot be not over.  Ocasio-Cortez is a wake-up call if there ever were one.  She says that the world is going to end in twelve years because of climate change.  Al Gore is a laughingstock for making such dire predictions thirty years ago; none of them has come true.  His film, An Inconvenient Truth, has been thoroughly discredited.  It's a safe bet that she has never read the volumes of dissenting opinions on climate change.  She most likely never took a class in energy production.  She is a walking, talking advertisement for the disintegration and the dumbing down of higher education and by extension the Democratic Party as currently constituted. 

Sane liberals who are aware of Trump's remarkable accomplishments on the economy, bringing manufacturing back the U.S., the lowest unemployment ever for blacks and Hispanics, the revival of small businesses thanks to de-regulation, and making the U.S. the number-one oil producer in the world will not fall for an ill educated lightweight like Ocasio-Cortez.

Only those who hate Trump more than they love America will support a moonbat like this woman.  She is not so much a shooting star, but a "withering blade of grass."  Do read Dov Fischer's column at American Spectator.  Nancy Pelosi is doing her best to destroy her party, but Ocasio-Cortez is leading it off the cliff as the Pied Piper did the children of Hamelin.