Forcing our congressmen to try to resolve the government shutdown

Amid the chaos of the current on-again, off-again shutdown, President Trump appears willing to negotiate, but the Democrats are not interested.  They are content to wait for the Republicans to cave in to their demands to reopen the government without any concession to Trump.  Alas, there is no incentive for the Democrats to do anything.  Their constituents could hate them thoroughly, and it would make no difference.  What can we citizens do? We could try recalling our congressmen.  The only problem is that the Supreme Court says we are not allowed.  You may argue that the Tenth Amendment of the Constitution says we can recall them, but the Supreme Court does not respect our opinions. We could pass an amendment to the Constitution permitting recalling congressmen.  I suggest the following language: State Government Congressional Impeachment Rights The state legislatures will have the power to impeach...(Read Full Post)