Everything is racist: A handy list

Anything, and everybody white is racist nowadays.  Who knew that the 1953 Chevy Corvette that came only in Polo White, with white wall tires, was the ultimate in racist symbolism?  We are covered in the white down of racism every day.

Postcard created by Art Fitzpatrick in 1953

Here's more:

White Castle hamburgers, white hospital coats

White highway lines, white potatoes

White clouds, white shirts

White nurses uniforms, white-out typing correction fluid

White U.S. Navy uniforms, white baseboard trim

White-out blizzards, white bridal gowns

White mayonnaise, Vatican papal election white smoke

Teeth whitening, white boards in conference rooms

White navy beans, soft white light bulbs

White lightning, white frosting

White typewriter paper, white t- shirts

White snow, white belts and shoes

White toilet paper, white milk

White vanilla ice cream, white fettuccine alfredo

White pillow cases, white hair

White canvas sails, White Motor trucks

White dinner napkins, white picket fences

White doves, white seagulls

White apple blossoms, white rice

White whipped cream, white sandwich bread

White fluff, white eggs     

White sneakers, white handkerchiefs

White gauze, white toothpaste

White cotton, white moonlight

White candles, white birches

White-hot coals, white surrender flags

White hats, white baseballs

White ping-pong balls, white lead

White diapers, white Ivory soap

White asparagus, white vinegar

White peaches, white cherries

White envelopes, whites of eyes

White swans, white lies

White cue-balls, white icebergs

The White House.