Ending the reconquista of America's Southwest

President Trump was elected to stop the reconquest of southwestern America by Mexicans.  Before we seized it in 1848, this was Mexican territory.  We took it from them through illegal immigration.  First in Texas, then in California, American illegal aliens squatted on Mexican land.  This made the American wars of conquest de jure.  De facto, this land was going to be American because the American people were going to live on it.  The Mexican government couldn't keep them out.

Today, if our government can't keep the Mexicans out, they will eventually reacquire, de facto, what they lost in the 19th century.  If this land is going to continue to be American, there has to be a limit to further immigration.   That's what Trump is going to do.

Make no mistake: we wish Mexico and its people well.  Their future is bright, indeed.  Because of rising Chinese labor costs, and President Trump's efforts at restricting Chinese imports, Mexican manufactures are set to rise dramatically.  Because of the American shale boom, in 2020, we'll be exporting 6.2 billion cf/d to Mexico.  One of the most difficult hurdles to Mexican industry is unreliable power.  With all this American gas generating electricity, this problem is disappearing.  And the Mexican-American bond tightens.  With its large market and labor pools, Mexico will soon no longer be a junior, but a full partner in the American Alliance.  That's the way we want it.

First, we want a wall.  I'm hoping Trump's speech on Tuesday night contains an offer of a deal: we'll legalize the DREAMers, but you give us the wall.  Trump's base needs to understand that these people were never going to be deported.  There are too many of them, and the American people don't have the stomach for it.  We're too soft-hearted.  So they get to stay as long as we get the wall.  

It's a deal the Democrats could refuse.  But they would pay a heavy price for it.

Fritz Pettyjohn was born, raised, and educated in Alta California.  He blogs atReaganProject.com.