Dreamers: Pawns of the resistance

On Saturday afternoon, President Trump put an idea on the table: DACA for the wall!

It was a courageous idea because many in the GOP will balk at it.  In other words, President Trump was willing to take some heat from his side to move the ball forward.

What did the Democrats do?  Resistance and more resistance.  The "no gang" has something else to say "no" to!

On Friday, The Dallas Morning News wrote a thoughtful editorial calling on both sides to give up something:

To us, it would look like this: The president would get the funding he seeks to enhance border security, including some 230 miles of physical barrier, but also with more technologically sophisticated solutions.

In return, the president would agree to a sweeping deal to protect young people who were brought to this country without authorization at ages when they had no say over what happened to them.

As I've written here before, DACA is a small price to pay in exchange for something bigger like a wall on the border.

So President Trump said "let's talk," and the Democrats replied with lots of tweets and messages about this or that.

It's sad, but Speaker Pelosi and Minority Leader Schumer are not interested in anything that moves the ball forward.  They just want to keep President Trump bouncing in the air long enough and hope that U.S. voters blame the GOP for everything.

Dear DREAMer: Stop going on TV and blaming any of this on President Trump.  It's the Democrats who are holding you back. 

The Democrats did nothing when they had majorities and now refuse to negotiate.

To them, you are nothing but another "pawn of the resistance."  Or as they say in Spanish: "peón de la resistencia"!

Shame on Pelosi and Schumer. 

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