Did Trump win with that wall speech? Sure as heck, he did

Rivers of commentary in the wake of President Trump's wall speech Tuesday are flowing with "analysis" that Trump lost the battle, and his congressional opponents, House speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer, now have the upper hand.  There's talk of Republicans caving and warnings that the public blames Trump for the shutdown. The real indicators, however, tell a different story. Number one: Twitter went hog wild, making fun of Pelosi's and Schumer's weird-looking appearance in their public rebuttal to President Trump's argument.  They could have done nothing, as would have been normal for legislative opponents for a presidential speech, but they couldn't stand the idea of President Trump getting that camera time.  They demanded, and got, airtime, too, presumably to flip the "narrative" by making President Trump appear "heartless," and having the last word to...(Read Full Post)
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