Democrats take aim at Starbucks to 'school' Howie Schultz

Poor Howie Schultz.  All he wanted was to do good in the world in that liberal way of his, and now he and even the company he founded are facing destruction.

Not by Trump, who's dismissed him as without "guts" with a tweet, but by the far-left Democratic Party machine and its media minions, who see the mild-mannered former Starbucks CEO as the mother of all threats.  It's pretty obvious that's what's going on, a huge plan of personal and professional destruction just one day out the gate of Schultz's 60 Minutes interview, where he said he was merely considering running for president in 2020.

The Democrats' motive is fear – Schultz is a liberal but not the kind of rigid, lockstep, groupthink far leftist seen in their stable of candidates, and worse still, he's likeable and charming, even to Republicans, so he must be irresistible to a lot of the Democrats they expect votes from.  But Schultz says he'd go as an independent, which raises the specter of a Ross Perot-style candidacy that could split the national vote three ways.  For whoever the Democrats' way-too-far-left candidate is, that means going down in flames against President Trump. 

So now they've started their pushback, and already it's an ugly spectacle.

First, the threats.  This from U.S. News & World Report:

"If Schultz entered the race as an independent, we would consider him a target. ... We would do everything we can to ensure that his candidacy is unsuccessful," said Patrick McHugh, executive director of Priorities USA, which spent nearly $200 million in the 2016 presidential contest.

The little fellow has an investment to defend.

Next, a bid to physically silence the man, via heckling him wherever he goes.

Democrats have always had a problem with free speech.  But this is over the line.

Next, the threat of a boycott.  Here's the Preston Business Review:

Democrats have ganged up on former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, threatening to make him a "target" and ditch their morning coffee amid fears he can chip away at portions of Democratic with an independent 2020 presidential bid.

Democrats love to boycott.  They've often targeted the company in the past, never with a good reason, and we often see the company scurry to their demands.

Will Starbucks say no this time?  It probably can't do anything if Schultz wants to run.  It seems to be helpless, the target of a boycott over something it can't do anything about, which is disgusting.  Starbucks has said it's not going to get involved in this race, because after all, it's a business, and a good one.  Should businesses be boycotted for things they can't control?  In the Democratic hive mentality, absolutely; they never liked businesses much anyway.  Yet in reality, the empire Schultz built serves all customers well, whether left, right, or center.  Want some proof of that?  Here's a photo I took of a right-wing kid in a Trump sweatshirt at a Starbucks in Beverly Hills awhile back.  The kid let me take his picture.  I asked him how he was treated at Starbucks, and he said he always had a good experience.  He loved Starbucks.  In the wake of Covington, I think it's important to prevent his being doxxed by leftists, so I blurred his face.

Bottom line: Starbucks is not political; Schultz is no longer its CEO; and Schultz or no Schultz, the company treats all of its customers very well.  It treats lefties well, too, which is why it's amazing that lefties want to damage it through a boycott.  But they do, any means necessary.

But you didn't think Democrats would stop with a boycott, did you?  No, they want to take down the entire Starbucks stock, too.  Axios, a news site that at times seems a little too close to Beltway Democrats, has a menacing headline, expressing angst at how Starbucks's stock is just going to...fall, based on lefty boycotts, and what a pity it is...

Starbucks has a 2020 problem

As if lefties ever cared about stock prices before.

Nice company you have there, Schultz.  Be a shame if anything happened to it.

The content of the piece is even more disturbing, with Axios reporting that Democrat operatives are scouring Starbucks in the Alinsky style, looking for disgruntled employees or anyone who's ever had a bad work experience, the better to use it to attack Schultz.  While I don't blame Axios for reporting this, it shows just how disgusting Democrats are in their organized attempt to warn Schultz not to run.  They are a Chicago-style Alinsky machine, if not an actual mafia.  They are out to Get Schultz, and they want Schultz to know. 

The implications of this are disturbing.  Should a company with 30,000 stores and tens of thousands of employees be put out of jobs or businesses just because Democrats don't want its ex-CEO running?  This sounds like an issue for Republicans, and Trump would do well to make a big deal about it.  The ugly message from the Democrats in this spectacle is that anyone who tries to cross them faces vilification, free speech restrictions, lost business, a manipulated effort to destroy of the stock, collateral job losses, and sneaky spy activity in the quest for malcontents – all for crossing Democrats with their own liberal ideas, all for straying from the Democrat plantation.

That's some message to potential independent opponents, particularly if they bear any soft version of the Democrats' own ideas.  It signals that dissent is not tolerated, new ideas are anathema, and annihilation is their penalty.  Dinosaurs rule.  What a nasty bunch they are.  And that's "who they are."

If this isn't an argument for not voting for any Democrats in 2020, what is? 

Image credit: Marco Paköeningrat via FlickrCC BY-SA 2.0.