CNN's King suggests Secret Service detail be pulled from Mrs. Pence

CNN anchor John King shocked a lot of people when he questioned taxpayers subsidizing Secret Service protection for the wife of the vice president.

Karen Pence will be working at a Christian school that bans gays and lesbians from teaching.  King wondered aloud why taxpayers should foot the bill for protecting Mrs. Pence because of the discrimination.

Fox News:

"Does it matter that all taxpayers pay for housing?  All taxpayers pay for her Secret Service protection?  It's not her fault that she needs protection, this is the world we live in.  But all taxpayers pay for, subsidize her life," King said before asking, "Does it matter?"

Actually, no, John, it doesn't matter.  This is a traditional Christian school that teaches traditional Christian beliefs.  As far as I'm aware, there is nothing in the Constitution that disqualifies the wife of a federal official from receiving protection and other subsidized services because of her religious beliefs.

The question was so idiotic that King's guest could scarcely believe he had asked it.

SiriusXM correspondent Olivier Knox appeared confused by the question.

Knox responded after a noticeable pause, "Do her First Amendment freedoms get curtailed [because] taxpayers pay for her accommodations and her security?  I don't know that a lot of people would sign on to that."

King then said "everything is fair debate" because "we live in a democracy," before wrapping up the segment.  NewsBusters managing editor Curtis Houck told Fox News that King's defense was "absolutely ludicrous."

"It's about the very security of the Second Family and suggesting that there should be any kind of debate about it being taken away just because of not only what they believe, but what they believe when it comes to faith is disgusting and emblematic of the broader media disdain for Christians who aren't socially liberal," Houck said.  "The attacks on the Pence family and Judeo-Christians needs to stop."

Blatant bias, insensitive remarks, appalling ignorance...would that describe Trump on race or Democrats on Christianity?

Christian views on abortion and gays are not in the majority.  But they are hardly "fringe," as Democrats have been trying to prove recently.  Anti-Catholic bias has already been exhibited by Democrats against several Trump appointees, and this latest demonstration of anti-Christian hate against Mrs. Pence is in keeping with liberal culture warriors who demand not only tolerance, but acceptance of alternative lifestyles and life choices.

King's musings about leaving Mrs. Pence vulnerable to assassination are simply the logical extension of leftist thinking on Christianity.  The life of a Christian isn't worth much unless he agrees with liberals on cultural issues.  Enemies of politically correct thinking need to be squashed and their views eliminated.

It's only a short distance to travel from punishing people for harboring culturally incorrect thoughts to punishing people who harbor incorrect thoughts on politics.  Conservatives and devout Christians are already losing their jobs for their beliefs.  Maybe next, the left will look to deny government benefits to those they disagree with.