Bill Kristol deletes tweet, fails to apologize for jumping on phony story of MAGA hat kids harassing Native American

On Friday, a group of March for Life teenagers from Covington, Ky. were harassed by an extremist demonstrator, a Native American beating a drum, and, through carefully edited video, were widely portrayed in the mainstream media as mean harassers of a poor Native American war veteran.  Taylor Day busted the fraud on our pages today, but you can quickly grasp the gist of the fraud through this video from the Daily Caller:

A number of conservatives jumped on the virtue-signaling bandwagon, accepting at face value yet another fake news story seeking to castigate Trump and his supporters.  Those with integrity, once they realized that their eagerness to display moral superiority to other conservatives, apologized.

But not Bill Kristol.  He quietly deleted his tweet claiming moral superiority for what he imagines John McCain would have done, compared to that reprobate Donald Trump (who correctly did nothing).

Too bad for him that a Twitter account called Screenshot bot captured the tweet, exposing the cowardly retreat from the public stage when shown up as a phony virtue-signaler whose virtue was imaginary to begin with.

C'mon, Bill – man up and admit your mistake, and apologize to the innocent kids whose lynch mob you eagerly joined.