Another women's march canceled as desperate supporter blames...wait for it...Putin

Now that the virulent Jew-hatred of a number of key leaders of the "women's march" has been exposed, it's gotten harder to gin up support.  The latest march to be canceled is the one slated for New Orleans, which was actually sponsored by the Baton Rouge Chapter of NOW.

As Mary Chastain notes at Legal Insurrection:

Those in charge in Chicago canceled the January Women's March.  The Washington state chapter closed.  The New York Times finally acknowledged the hatred that runs through the veins of those at the top of the Women's March.

The most embarrassing cancelation of all was in Eureka, California, where too many whites is a very, very bad thing – even if they are not Jews.

So the movement that bestowed the concept of a pussy hat on American culture appears to be collapsing under the weight of intersectionality – as Clarice Feldman so presciently predicted last weekend.

It's obvious to anyone who has studied hate movements that what's necessary is a scapegoat.  The world's favorite scapegoats – Jews – have already been used, to poor effect.  So it's time to go with the flow of the Democrats and, as Ashe Schow reports at the Daily Wire, use the trendy boogeyman:

The founder of Racy Conversations – an antiracist organization – wrote on December 28 that she had interacted with some of the Women's March leaders who have made anti-Semitic statements, including Tamika Mallory and Linda Sarsour.  Fleshman said she didn't witness "a single act of anti-Semitism or exclusionary behavior the entire time" she was with these members or at protests organized by the group.

Fleshman then submitted an "analysis" of who is really "behind the campaign to fracture the Women's March," because, as Fleshman wrote, "powerful interests seek to splinter us."

What – or who – is really causing the group to fall apart?  It's apparently not the rampant anti-Semitism, but actually Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"I firmly believe Vladimir Putin is behind the campaign to tear apart the Women's March," Fleshman wrote, linking to an opinion article from The Washington Post claiming Russians targeted black voters in 2016.

Obviously, looking stupid is of no concern to a group that appeared en masse with pink hats meant to appear like female genitalia.

Of course, there will still be demonstrations on the selected date, and maybe a few counter-demonstrations.  But the fantasy of driving President Trump from office by means of a mass demonstration of women now is in ruins.

Photo credit: Thirty-Two.