Another Democrat talking about Medicare for all and free education

What exactly is different about Kamala Harris?  What is she offering us that makes her stand out from the others singing the same tune?

My guess is that Democrats may run into the same problem that they did with Mrs. Clinton in 2020, as Michael Graham pointed out:

Despite the fact that she's been repeatedly referred to as "the female Obama," and that she formally announced her candidacy on Martin Luther King day, could it be that the most apt description of Democrat Sen. Kamala Harris in the 2020 POTUS race is... Hillary Rodham Clinton?

The comparison comes from the fact that the 54-year-old former California Attorney General appears to be running on a Clinton-esque combination of identity politics and moderate Democratic policy.

"The way Harris is likely to position herself on policy issues during the campaign – liberal as any candidate on noneconomic issues but not as liberal on economic issues as, say, Bernie Sanders – echoes Hillary Clinton's platform in 2016," writes Perry Bacon, Jr. at the FiveThirtyEight website.

At the same time, Sen. Harris's embrace of identity politics is unabashed and beyond dispute.

As I've said, 2020 is President Trump's to lose.  A candidate like Senator Harris does not add much to Mrs. Clinton's 232 electoral votes.

My point is that she will get every vote that went to Mrs. Clinton in 2016.  However, she needs a bit more if she wants to defeat President Trump.

Also, how will she perform under the microscope?  Has she ever debated anyone outside California?  What about foreign policy?  What happens when she has to explain "Medicare for All"?

What about her relationship with Willie Brown?  What Democrat will bring that up in the primaries?

Yes, Senator Harris will have everyone in the national media on her side.  So did Secretary Clinton – and we know what happened on election night!

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