Amazing how local media keep doing their job over the wall, the caravan, and the border, wrecking the Democrat 'narrative'

I'm flabbergasted. In San Diego, "man bites dog" seems to still be operative on the media front.  The wall and migrant caravan "narrative" being promoted in Washington by the mainstream press is being repeatedly blown apart by good old-fashioned shoe-leather reporting in the local (and kind of lefty) San Diego presses, and it's starting to get noticeable. The latest such instance, which I will write about soon, showed public and listener-supported broadcaster KPBS reporting that U.S. far leftists from other parts of the country are rolling into Tijuana, Sandalista-style, and egging on caravan migrants to illegally storm the U.S. border, which the migrants themselves wouldn't otherwise do, while local Tijuana NGOs are expressing disgust.  The mainstream press narrative has been to repeat the false claims of such activists that the migrants are just running for their lives from gangs as they...(Read Full Post)
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