A plague of Sandalista leftists descend onto Tijuana's caravan migrants

To hear the left tell it, the coming caravans of migrants are nothing but a spontaneous move by Central Americans fleeing gangs and crime, as if crime had never existed in their countries before, welfare in the U.S. isn't a part of the equation, and the entire situation justifies illegal entry.  All the focus is on migrants, with individual sob stories in the press dominating coverage.

The spotlight actually belongs elsewhere.  According to a new report from local public broadcaster KPBS, migrants say they're being egged on by sandal- and serape-clad rabid leftists from the States, veterans of the mobbery seen in places such as Seattle, with names like "By Any Means Necessary" (BAMN), who are now using the migrants on a political mission to break down U.S. borders.

Does anyone know this?  Do people know that the caravan camp over in Tijuana full of migrants awaiting entry to the States is being descended upon daily by rabid Sandalista leftists, encouraging the migrants to break the border and enter illegally?  They're not only egging them on in what other NGOs call "exploitation," but giving them junk information about asylum to encourage the illegal entry and saying it will all be a piece of cake.  The migrants don't even want these pests, but these leftists are all over them like lice.  Look at these details:

Perez said the conflicting messages about the U.S. asylum process have been confusing.  She was first told to put her name on a weeks-long wait list so she could apply to enter through the San Ysidro Port of Entry.  That's what she did.  Now, some Americans are telling her to skip the line.

"Sometimes I get hopeless, thinking I'll say yes to the people telling me to jump – but no.  What am I, crazy?" she said.  "I'm not crazy.  I'm going to wait."

Migrant advocates with Al Otro Lado, a migrant advocacy group that provides pro bono legal services in Tijuana, said BAMN is putting migrants' lives in danger.

"Waiting in Tijuana is not the same as trying to cross a smuggling route that is controlled by organized crime," said attorney Erika Pinheiro, who added that some of her clients have been kidnapped and killed after crossing the border illegally and getting caught in smuggling routes.

The Tijuana-based non-government organizations can see this happening and tell KPBS they are horrified.

"That is not solidarity.  That's exploitation.  They're exploiting migrants to make a political point about who should and shouldn't be allowed into the United States," she said.  "They're feeding into the narrative that anybody who tries to help migrants is also criminal, and it's really doing a lot to harm our movement."

As a precaution, she said, Al Otro Lado has changed its volunteer policy to prohibit anyone who works with the organization from encouraging migrants to cross the border illegally.

Based on this report, it's possible to conclude that the entire effort is being dictated by rabid leftists here, starting with their silky promises of an easy U.S. entry to entice Central Americans to join and ending with their non-stop pestering of migrants to storm border walls whether they like it or not.

One actually has pity for the migrants in this story, who are trying to come here in a legal way and aren't all in for the war footing of these leftist veterans of leftist mob actions.  The migrants speak of their sufferings at the hands of these exploiters, while the leftists, in that full Sandinista tradition, exhibit a positively commissar-like indifference to the risks they are throwing the migrants into.  Get a load:

KPBS asked Driver about the two recent incidents in which U.S. authorities launched tear gas into Mexico because people, including women and children, were approaching the border en masse, some in response to BAMN flyers.

"The (tear gas) doesn't concern me and it didn't concern the people who were part of the march," Driver said.  "They've been tear-gassed before.  They come from countries where political violence is a way of life."

Some migrants disagree.  Karen Perez, 32, is a Nicaraguan who traveled with the caravan and her four children. She doesn't like the idea of getting tear-gassed.

"If you tell me to cross illegally, then you're putting my life in danger, and my kids' lives as well," she said.

The report tries to be even-handed and has authentic-sounding interviews from lefties (and Tijuana opponents).  The rabid leftists are the kind of professional protesters, some with criminal records, who go from protest to protest – Dakota pipeline, Seattle – and make a life of it.  Jail is nothing to them because they are always getting hauled off to jail. 

In Latin America, these kinds of people with their do-gooder ethos can be found all sorts of places, starting with Nicaragua, origin of the "Sandalista" name.  Peru has 'em, too: it had those Greenpeace activists who ruined the ancient Nazca sand lines in a bid to wave lefty protest banners, as well as more violent types such as terrorist-supporting Lori Berenson, a veteran of the El Salvador wars who took her show to Peru and got busted for terrorism-enabling.  Venezuela, of course, has tons of Sandalistas, starting with the Maryknolls and getting much worse.  Having been to these countries, I know that such people are utterly despised.  Now they're at it again, at the border, all over the caravan, and trying to egg on the migrants.

These are the people acting as the foot-soldier enforcers for the caravan and who ensure that it remains a political project, not a means to emigration for the individuals themselves. 

The fact that they are openly encouraging border-busting is likely a crime, given that it amounts to aiding and abetting illegal immigration, same as the cartels do.  One can only hope that with these clowns giving their names to the press, the lawmen will start looking at them.  What's happening at the border is actually a crime, and the real criminals here aren't actually the migrants; they're these lefties claiming to be do-gooders.  Now they have put themselves right out front in this caravan dilemma and wall dilemma.  It's about time they get rounded up.

Image credit: Elvert Barnes via Wikimedia CommonsCC BY-SA 2.0.