A bad case of anosognosia down at GameStop

Anosognosia is a mental illness wherein the patient does not recognize, either intentionally or unintentionally, that he is suffering from a serious disease.  Like many medical terms, anosognosia derives from several Greek words.  "A" means no or without, "nosia" means sickness, and "gnosis" means knowledge.  Anosognosia literally means without knowledge of a disease.  Of all the forms of induced anosognosia being pounded into the American mind by ubiquitous and interminable LGBTQ phantom reality propaganda, the most flagrantly delusional is the demand that grown men be allowed to forget they are men and be treated as if they were women.

On New Year's Eve, as millions of American families gathered to share their fondest hopes for 2019, they were treated to extra merriment watching a hilarious clip on Breitbart and many other sites (though not Drudge, of course) of a loudmouthed man with a bad case of anosognosia shopping at a GameStop store in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  The clip shows a tall dude with well defined muscles and a fairly deep voice, looming over a diminutive, apologetic store clerk, whom he is cursing and threatening because the clerk had addressed him as "sir."  As our family gathered around my daughter's kitchen table and after we sang our traditional "We love our Trumpsters" song (which includes individual stanzas by each participant), we all convulsed with laughter at the ludicrousness of this distinctly masculine human specimen demanding to be recognized as a woman.  The gentleman (we'll call him Gamer-guy) seemed most unladylike as he bellowed, "M‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑ take it outside.  If you want to call me sir again, I will show you a f‑‑‑‑‑‑ sir."

Two idiotic behaviors offer solace to young men, both of which are absolutely never a recourse for the fairer sex.  One, incredibly, is punching a bare hand into a wall.  The other is the phrase, "Let's take it outside."  Gamer-guy is an all-round coward in offering this uniquely masculine solution to a much smaller man.

It's amusing that Gamer-guy was fixated on being called "ma'am" and not "sir."  He hollered, "It's ma'am" and "Call me ma'am" several times.  The use of "ma'am" and "sir" is common in the South, where respectful customs of address are still observed.  However, Gamer-guy's distaff sensibilities did not prevent him from shouting obscenities in the presence of actual women and children.

While our would-be lady without noticeable hips and a perpetual bad hair day was spewing threats and obscenities in the store, an actual woman asked him to stop cursing because "there are children in here."  He rounds on her and tells her to mind her own business.  It does not occur to the raging fool to consider the children around him.  Simply put, children are not safe around such a man.

Anosognosia is recognized in an involuntary form that results from brain damage and in a voluntary form that involves purposeful forgetting.  It is a multi-factorial syndrome that includes several kinds of deficits in self-awareness.  The sufferer cannot see, hear, feel, or remember what his condition actually is.  This perfectly suits the dude having a tantrum at the GameStop store.  He demands that his victims "[s]top calling me a man because quite clearly I am not."  The opposite is true: he clearly is a man.  Men cannot pass as women even momentarily unless they are heavily made up, coiffed, and costumed.  He is none of those things.

It is inevitable that male-to-female transsexuals revert to masculine aggressiveness when they are enraged, as Gamer-guy does.  He kicks over a display and slams the door.  This instinctual reversion occurs because a higher rate of physical aggression in males is universal, hardwired, and present even before birth.  It is not wiped out by taking synthetic hormones.

Gamer-guy is suffering from a hydra-headed anosognosia.  He cannot see that he appears to be a man.  He cannot hear that when he speaks, he sounds like a man.  He intentionally forgets the most immutable aspects of his biological, psychological, and social existence: he is a man.  If he goes to work out at the gym, which is the best way to maintain a physique like his, he is probably unaware that he smells like a man.

If the left wing can get us to believe that this dude is a woman, there is no insane notion or evil premise the left wing cannot force upon us.  Gamer-guy should be arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.  The video is enough to convict him.