Wisconsin Democrats complain GOP lawmakers thwarting the 'will of the voter'

Wisconsin Democrats, as well as the nationwide media and liberals across the country, are outraged at what the Republicans are doing in the lame duck session of the state legislature.  State GOP lawmakers want to limit early voting, impose work requirements for Medicaid, and prevent the new state A.G. from joining a suit by Democratic-led states on Obamacare. We are told that this is thwarting the "will of the voters."  CNN: Nearly a day after the legislature's "extraordinary session" began, the state Senate and Assembly concluded their work, passing a raft of legislation designed to curtail authorities enjoyed by Walker and outgoing Republican Attorney General Brad Schimel.  Democrats are expected to challenge a number of the measures in court. There is no indication when Walker will take up the legislation, but pending his approval, Wisconsin is now expected to reduce its number of early voting days, restrict...(Read Full Post)
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